Retrospective: The Hong Kong Waterfront

Naturally our visit to Hong Kong in 2010 would have been incomplete without going to the light show on the Kowloon waterfront, and it was probably the same light show that we saw in 2008, but it was still great fun, especially trying to capture that perfect shot.  This was my 2nd foray into this type of night photography and I will admit that I did not do a great job, compounded by the lack of a tripod and actually trying to watch the show. The images are all 1024 wide and are from 2010 except for the last image of Nautica sailing which is from 2008.

And in daylight? unfortunately we did not have clear skies for the trip, with a haze covering the waterfront for most of the day. These images are the best that I have and even then I had to tweak them slightly. (Images are mostly 1500 wide)

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