Retrospective: Royal Victoria Railway

This post is really just a look at some of the pics I took at the Royal Victoria Railway that is part of the Royal Victoria Country Park in Southampton.  I visited the park and site of the former Netley Military Hospital and Cemetery way back in 2013 and I came across the railway while on my way home. To be frank, I did not have the energy to hang around as it was a long walk to get there. I really should have invested in a bicycle back then!

Royal Victoria Country Park

You can see the railway line in the image above, and in the image below you can see the extent of the track and it’s route and landmarks (image is (1500 x 1032)).

(1500 x 1032)

On the day that I was there only limited motive power was up and about, but it was better than nothing.  There are a few other engines a the railway and they have a list of these on their website.

Trevithick is an 0-6-2 tank engine and was built in 1976 by Rodger Marsh for the Age Of Steam in Cornwall. 

Unfortunately she was not in steam at the time and they were using D1000 Wstern Independence), a Co-Co diesel hydraulic that was built by David Curwen as scale model of the British Rail Class 52 “Western” locomotives in 1964 for the Margate Pier Railway.

The rolling stock was a mix of enclosed and open top carriages, although I suspect the former would be more suitable for small adults or children.

There was also an engine shed

and a turntable, although that had been fenced off at the time of my visit.

I did try chasing the train but always seemed to miss it, so I gave up and headed off home. Come to think about it, I should have grabbed quick trip on the train, but at the time it never occurred to me.  The park gatehouse was a nice wedding cake of a building too, and architecturally in keeping with the remaining chapel building. 

On my way home I walked along Southampton water, hoping to see some ships and the one score that I made was RRS Discovery.

That more or less concludes my retrospective. However, I have visited two other miniature railways worth mentioning:  Hythe Pier Railway is just across the river. 

Hythe Pier Train (1500×640)

and The Rand Society of Model Engineers way back in South Africa. I will do a retrospective of the Hythe Train soon as it is a fascinating little train in its own right.

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