Rest in Peace: Prince Philip

On Friday 09/04/2021, the people of the United Kingdom heard that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, had passed away. He had spent a considerable time in hospital recently and at the age of 99 his health was in a steady decline. The newspapers are full of tributes and anecdotes about the man that had shadowed the Queen for so many years, and most praise his steadfastness and patient loyalty to the monarch.  

Born on the island of Corfu, he had a successful career in the Royal Navy,  serving during the second World War. He married the Queen in 1947 and they were together for over 7 decades.  It has been said that he spent his last days sitting in the sun on a chair outside with a rug over his legs. Often he would nod off. 

Outpourings of grief have been widespread but there are those who have expressed joy that he has died. Sadly this divisiveness has been a major feature in the UK for quite some time and we may see much more of it before and after his funeral on the 17th of April. Due to covid restrictions his funeral will take place from St George’s Chapel  in Windsor Castle. His coffin will be lowered into the Royal Vault beneath the chapel and when the Queen dies, it will be transferred to the King George VI memorial chapel to lie alongside his wife of 73 years. 

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