Rest in Peace. Capt. Sir Tom Moore

This afternoon I saw the news of the death of Capt. Sir Tom Moore, aged 100. The first thing that struck me was that he was a man that could inspire more than 90% of vapid “influencers” and “celebs” ever could. Yet society hangs on every fart or expiration from this people who seem to be in every newspaper, TV show or social media event. 

Captain Moore came to fame following his mammoth fundraising efforts early last year while we all battled with lockdown and the early days of the current pandemic.  His tenacity and determination were an inspiration for many during those dark days and his wartime exploits were equally thrilling and he just crept into the hearts of everybody in the UK.  

He was admitted to Bedford Hospital on 31 January 2021 and was tested positive for  COVID-19 and was being treated for pneumonia. He passed away on 2 February 2021.

Stand down Sir Tom, your duty is done. 

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