Remember 11 September

It was in 2012 that I made my last 9/11 commemorative post, and it is hard to believe that so many years have passed since that post. A new building rising 541 metres into the sky now stands where a pair stood before. The world has moved on and frankly since that day it has become fraught with danger, and in those few years since 2012 even more so. The question arises, is it more dangerous because of 9/11? or is it more dangerous because 9/11 was a conspiracy to make it more dangerous? The truth probably lies somewhere in between.   

As more time passes the conspiracy theorists are still out there waving their little black books full of suspects and blaming everybody left, right and centre. Do they have a case? I have to admit the truth is no longer as clear cut as we would like it to be. 15 Years have passed since that day, and that really equates to 15 years worth of theories, speculation and hearsay and very little truth. The social media boom has also contributed to the charnel house of disinformation. It really takes one idiot to expound on his favourite pet theory and suddenly we are awash with theories about aliens in watermelons with zombie henchmen. 

I do however feel that in the vast amount of publicity generated by the disaster (attacks? catastrophe? calamity?) many have lost sight of the bravery of those on the spot; the firemen, police officers, paramedics, first responders and ordinary people who turned around and offered their hands to a fellow human being; that takes courage, sitting at your computer late at night reading about aliens and zombies attacking with watermelons does not. How many conspiracists would go back into a structure to rescue lives? not too many I bet (unless that is a conspiracy).

We sit here in our glass bubbles and secretly hope that we will never have something like 9/11 happen to us. It may not happen to us, but it can and it will happen again: somewhere. 

The past two years have seen a lot of activity blamed on extremists or terrorists or any other label that you would like to call them. The fact does remain, if you give them publicity they will achieve their aim irrespective of whether their mission succeeds or not. It is in the nature of the beast that paranoia furthers the agenda of many of these groups, and leads to even more paranoia and even more conspiracists. 

I can recall watching the towers come down on TV 15 years ago, and thinking that history had reached a tipping point where things would really be on a downward slope unless the world took a long hard look at itself. The upcoming elections in the USA is frightening because of the acrimonious nature of the campaigns being run on both sides. A part of me wishes that one of the criteria on the ballot  paper in any election should be “None of the above. Try again”.  However, in some countries that option would not exist because the concept of elections does not exist.

So let us remember 9/11 today, let us remember the men and women that never came home, or the first responder who suffered from ptsd as a result of what they experienced, let us remember the crew and passengers who died in the aircraft, and let us remember the men and women who had to search through the carnage and process what was found. Let us remember the many ordinary people who did something. let us forget those who did this and who planned and benefited from this and may they find the judgement and punishment that they deserve.

Our world is so much more dangerous today, who is going to explain it to the children who will ask “why?” I know I certainly cannot.

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