REGM Military Cemetery, Randfontein

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The Randfontein Estates Gold Mine Military Cemetery is somewhat of a misnomer, the reality is that it is a collection of forgotten graves related to the Jameson Raid next to a railway line.

The graves are of Troopers William Charles Beatty-Powell, John Bernard Bletsoe, Harry Davies, John R.H. Foster, and C.E Hennessy, and they were hidden amongst the trees, and not too many people were actually aware of them. When I was first looking for them I was really lucky to find a security guard who knew the spot. His name was Alpheus Cele, and without him I have never found them. My first visit was in 2009, and at the time the area was half hidden amongst the trees and grass, in 2012, the site has been cleared of vegetation, although no restoration had been done. 

The site  may be be found at Google Earth co-ordinates: 26° 9.021’S 27° 43.462’E

REGM Military Cemetery 2009

REGM Military Cemetery 2009

REGM Military Cemetery 2012 after it had been cleaned up

In March 2018 I was contacted by the South African War Grave Society  (Registration No.: 203-374 NPO) who had undertaken a partial restoration of the graves. Unfortunately my images really stop at 2012 so I am sure that the graves are looking better since the restoration was undertaken. The image below shows a before and after. 

(Image from South African War Grave Society Information sheet)

I wish them much success in their future projects, and may it grow from strength to strength. If you would like to assist please contact me via my contacts page and I will pass on their contact details. 

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