Ready to move on

At end of the first week of November I will be leaving my current job to start a new one in Basingstoke. It was not an easy decision to make given how I have settled down here in Salisbury, but there are a number of reasons behind my decision which I will not list here. 
There are a number of things that have to be done, and looking for new accommodation in Basingstoke will be high on my list of priorities. Until the end of December I will be commuting between there and here while I pack my goodies and settle my affairs. Unfortunately my goodie collection has become somewhat bloated and so I will have to make some hard decisions in that regard too. 
Until such time as I am settled things will be chaotic and as such I wont have time to do many regular posts to this blog, although I have already seen a cemetery close to the station that is going to be one of my first visits, although when that will be I cannot say.
I was hoping to make a last trip to Southampton to see Quantum of the Seas when she arrives on the 30th, but I do not have leave available to do that in. 
So, watch this space, hopefully I will be able to start filling it up once again once I am back in business.

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