Random Shipwatch: Huelin Dispatch

One ship that I have seen  on a number of occasions is Huelin Dispatch. Operated by Huelin Renouf Shipping,she serves the Channel Islands. Or should I say, used to serve the Channel Islands, because today the company stopped trading.


The vessel usually berths at the end of the Ocean Dock (Berth 45), and is a regular in the harbour, often sailing just after the cruise ships have left. She always does this without assistance, and many times I have been quite surprised to see her going astern out of the Ocean Dock before executing a turn and sailing away without any fuss at all. She is really a fixture, kind of like the Red Funnel Ferries and the bunkering tankers or tugs. 

She entered service in September 2012, and ran into trouble almost immediately when she hit rocks off the coast of Alderney on her maiden voyage.
Sadly, the demise of the company will mean the loss of 90 jobs from a company that has been serving the Channel Islands since 1935. It is hoped that some sort of rescue plan will be formulated so that this unique service, and vessel does not end completely.
I will post an update here as son as I hear more, but I am really looking for some of the pics I took of her. I know she was amongst the first ships I saw when I arrived in Southampton, little did I know that nearly 5 months later I would be watching her possible demise.
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