Random Shipwatch. Eurocargo Bari.

When I worked Adonia a few weeks back,  berthed bow to bow with her was a really odd ship, crammed full of cars and nothing that I was familiar with at the time. Unfortunately she also sailed before I got a chance to see her, but, by the next day I knew she was called Eurocargo Bari and carried the Grimaldi Lines logo on her side.

A relatively new build (2012), she is registered in Palermo, and there seem to be at least 9 similar sisters. She was scheduled to be alongside at 105 on the 16th of July and I made the trip to Town Quay just to see her. Strangely enough Grande Europa, also of Grimaldi was at 104, so there may be some sort of tie in between the two ships. 

She has a capacity of 400 vehicles and can carry 12 passengers. Considering the size of her accommodation I really thought she would have had more passenger space.
With the ship past it was almost time to head off home again. Ironically there are currently 3 Italian registered ships occupying the 106-104 Berths at the Western Docks (MSC Opera, Eurocargo Bari, Grande Europa). 
An interesting interlude, and a very different ship to the usual mob of square car carriers we seem to get in Southampton. 
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