Random Churchyards: Sarum St Martin, Salisbury

When I first started working in Salisbury I used to walk from the station to the opposite end of town where I worked. It was a long and hard walk, and every morning I would pass the church of Sarum St Martin.

It was not a very big church and trying to get a complete image of it was impossible because it was surrounded by trees and buildings. However, it had a large graveyard.

I marked the graveyard as being a candidate for my “Cemetery in the Snow” photography session if ever it snowed in Salisbury while I was there. Sadly, it did not snow and I only managed to do a Cemetery in the Snow in January 2015 while I was in Basingstoke.

Unfortunately, because I was always in a rush I never got a chance to take a really good look at the churchyard, although that did change after I finally moved to Salisbury. I would sometimes pop in on a Friday on my way to the station to grab a few pics but never really did a proper photography session there.

Legibility was poor on the graves and I managed to find one that was legible enough to transcribe. 

My dreams of the great photo shoot happened on 22 November 2014 when I hit an early morning mist in the area, and these are some of the results. (the images work much better in mono which is why I have converted them to greyscale)

As for the church, it was never open while I was there, except for one occasion when builders were inside erecting scaffolding and I was able to grab some pics.

It was not ideal though and I left shortly afterwards. Eventually, one Friday afternoon I saw the door was open and I went inside where I met the Church Secretary just as she was about to lock up and she showed me around quickly.

I seem to recall taking more pics than I can find in the folder, and it is possible they do exist, but I seem to have been using my phone instead of my camera which would have left me with limited image capability.

I do recall that it was a very pretty church on the inside, and quite old too, I even have a booklet about it somewhere, but the history is better explained on the relevant page of their website . Quite a few puzzling discoveries were made in the church at various periods, and it all goes to show that this church, or rather, this parish, has been around for a very long time.

Sadly I never did return to the church, and when I rediscovered these images decided that it really needs to be up there with some of the other images from Salisbury.  Hopefully some of my explorations will turn up the booklet as well.


I left Salisbury on 9 November 2014 after an enjoyable year there, and this church was part of the attraction.

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