Quick Snow

This past week we have had all sorts of odd weather as yet another named storm passes us. Not even too sure what it is called but it has brought floods, rain, wind and supposedly snow of “biblical proportions” (their words not mine) . Today (Sunday) was supposed to see “heavy snow” (their words not mine) fall on our battered and soggy town. In fact when I woke up this morning I expected it would be white outside. However it was wet instead.  Until about 9 am. when snow started to fall and covered outside in a pristine white.  This is what it looked like  through my window.

By the time I found my snow boots (bought in 2018, and never used) and had put on all of my layers things were looking very promising outside and off I went. My footprints were amongst the first to disturb that pure white covering.

(1500 x 836)

I headed back inside, and it was still snowing at that point, my weather app had changed to show light snow and rain. Which means by tomorrow there will be nothing left and everything will be back to normal. Nothing to see, move along. BUT! it was beautiful while it lasted. 

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