Postmans Park, London

I have been meaning to make this post for a long time, considering I physically visited the site in March 2013.  It was really a chance discovery made while I was looking for something else. If I remember correctly I was looking for a branch of Maplins to buy a set of camera batteries, and stopped by at St Paul’s Cathedral and discovered the London Museum; which is close to the particular place this post is about. Actually looking at the set of images I covered a lot of ground, from Bank Station all the way back through to Kennington. It does explain why I was so tired when I got home that afternoon.  The memorial may be found in “Postmans Park”, a garden which was opened in 1880, and made up of the churchyards of St Leonards, Foster Lane, St Botolph,  Aldersgate and the graveyard of Christchurch Newgate Street. The Watts Memorial was built in 1900 as a tribute to Heroic Men and Women.
Unfortunately my images are not too good as the weather was grey and gloomy on this morning, and while I intended to return here, I never did.

And like so many other sites like this, it is a haven of peace and tranquility, and there was quite a lot to discover, although this blog is really about the Watts Memorial.

The Wikipedia Page about the Memorial shows each individual plaque and the details on each one. The idea was a good one, but I expect it also became a bad one if you consider how many plaques could have been erected had the memorial become a long term project. As it is only 53 out of the planned 120 was placed, and the project lapsed. In 2009 the first new plaque was added in 78 years. 

The plaques make for interesting, if somewhat tragic reading, because for each one there is a victim, and a hero/heroine. These were human stories that have come down to us over the years. It begs the question: Why do people do things like that in spite of the danger? However, rather than question their motives, it is better to recognise that their heroism is worthy of recognition because they made a difference.

The images below are 1500 pixels wide.

And then it was time to leave. Unfortunately while I was in the park I received a phone call about a potential job, and that broke my concentration and the moment was lost.

So I bid the park and memorial farewell, intending to revisit if I had the opportunity, but I never did. Its a pretty place, worthy of spending some time here, and recognising that underneath your feet is a graveyard, and while it is not evident immediately, the headstones alongside the walls should be enough to remind you.

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