Phew, it is windy today!

Miss Emily had not been out and about since her last foray to look at the frost.  Now she leaned out of the window watching the field and hoping that somebody would bring their dog along and throw a ball for it. Miss Emily was bored!

Her hair was awry from the strong wind and she was pestering me to take her out again but there were no real good photographic opportunities left. 

“That’s no excuse”, she said “I want to see the trees and stuff.”

“You mean you want to mess around in the mud and lose your woolly hat?”

“Not quite. I have a new snazzy hat that needs losing instead.”

“The wind will blow that the same way as your hair.”

“I have a bad case of irritable hair syndrome from not going outside” she said, making excuses for her unruly mop. 

I could see that Miss Emily was really frustrated because she was wearing her pouty face, although that is her normal look even when she is in a good mood.  The weather had not been great seeing as it is winter, but when the sun does pop out for a squizz the light is perfect. We had had a slight dusting of snow overnight and so I decided to take Miss Emily along just to keep the peace. 

“What the heck; Miss Emily, grab your goodies, let’s go.”

Once outside we discovered that the wind was indeed blowing like mad. 

“Miss Emily, you sit on the fence awhile and I will check what the mud forecast is.”

“Okey dokey,” she said, settling herself on the wooden fence. 

“Phew, it is windy” she said, “I may just blow away”.

“I agree, it is not the sort of weather to be outside in.”

The bare trees were swaying in the wind, not too long ago they had had leaves on them, now they were like giant skeletons watching over the field

Using my monopod she prodded at the ground. “It is kind of squishy here, I would not want to get mud on my clothes”

“Neither would I, be careful how you stand though, if you take a dive into the squish I will remind you forever!”

“Nope, not today thanks.”

If anything Miss Emily was a splash of colour in the drabness of winter, she was well prepared with her binoculars, my monopod, her woolly scarf and her snazzy new hat while Shaun the Sheep was keeping her company.

“Lets go sit by the window for awhile, we can catch some rays.”

“Rays? this isn’t the 70’s Miss Emily, this is the 17’s”

“It is a pity that the snow is all gone though, I am sure you would have enjoyed it.”

“I would have because I have never seen snow since I was made.”

“That’s okay, I haven’t exactly seen a lot of it myself.”

“What’s it like?”

“It is beautiful Miss Emily, it makes everything soft and smooth, and it deadens the sound.”

“It sounds like fun. Will you take me outside if it snows?”

“Of course I will, assuming I am at home of course. “

“It’s a deal! Let’s go inside, I think the wind is blowing in my one ear and out the other side. Besides, I am playing poker with Dawn and I have to win my matchsticks back.”

“You are playing poker with Dawn? oh blimey, didn’t Caitlyn warn you to never play poker with her?”

“Nope, but I am really in the pooh now. I may have to hock my new hat.”

“How many matchsticks do you owe her?”

“Eleventy million and 34 I think. I lost count after 22.”

“Dawn has so many aces up her sleeve you will never win against her.”

“You mean she cheated?”

“She bends the rules occasionally. You must also watch your biscuits, she tends to gamble with them too.”

“Oh pooh. thanks for telling me, next time she has 7 aces again I am going to complain!”

“Aah well Miss Emily, at least it is only matchsticks that you owe her.”

“Well I had no more pocket money or biscuits left.”

“Miss Emily, no more gambling for you! Stick to translating from now on!”

“Yessir, do you happen to have Eleventy million and 34 matchsticks for me? I need to pay her back. She has a chainsaw and I like to have all my limbs in place.”

“We will make a plan. Come, let’s go inside.”

And we did.

Alas poor Miss Emily is not going to be playing cards for a long time, and Dawn has had a few choice words whispered in her ear too. No more gambling!

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