Packing to travel

I was getting ready to return to South Africa and had my wheelie bag on the floor while I tried to find my illusive inflatable pillow. 

“Why are you packing?” Miss Emily asked.

“I am going on a short trip so need to get my stuff in order.”

Samantha sat down inside the bag. “May I come too?”

“I am sorry Sam, there is no space in my luggage. You know how the airlines weigh everything and get icky if there is something in it that they don’t like.”

“Aaah pooh. And here I was all ready to travel in style.”

“A wheelie bag is style?”

“It’s better than a box, although Miss Emily has a really cool box, much better than mine. Hers has a milkshake dispenser an’ a music player an’ a teevee too!”

“Well now I know why it weighs so much. Why didn’t you tell me all of this Miss Emily? and why do I always battle to get you into that box? You use every trick in the book to not get into it. You are busted for operating a box without a license.”

“I beg your pudding,” Miss Emily pouted. “I don’t try every trick, I keep some up my sleeve for special occasions and I do have a license I think.. somewhere.. er.. nice weather isn’t it?  I hope Caitlyn still has that memory erasing machine and will let me use it for awhile.”

“A memory erasing machine? I don’t recall her having one of those!”

“See, it works well too.”

“I better inspect that box of yours young lady!”

“But why would anybody want to inspect the box of a poor helpless dolly like myself?

“Helpless? Miss Emily in spite of your pouty face and seemingly innocent look I just know there is a whole wodge of mischief just waiting to happen. And it better not happen while I am away either. The pair of you will have to stay here with the Twinns and hold the fort.”

“Oh, talk about that, I have some stuff for you to take with.” Miss Emily said excitedly while changing the subject yet again. “I will be right back, don’t leave without them.”

Miss Emily disappeared into the kitchen and emerged a few minutes later with boxes of ice cream which she put inside my wheelie bag. “Here we are, you can take these with in case you get hungry. It’s my personal emergency stash.”

“Miss Emily, I am afraid they will all melt by the time I get to the station, never mind the airport. But, thank you for being such a good girl and thinking of me.”

“It’s no problem, I have lots more.”

“And I bet some end up going to school with you too.”

“Um, luverly weather, get yer ice cream here!” she said, changing the subject again.

“Miss Emily, take your sister and go scoff ice cream at the table, I need to get this packed or I will never get it done in time.”

And then there was peace once more, punctuated by “Hmmmmm” and “Slurp” noises in the kitchen. 

Caitlyn popped in too and asked me to do something.. but I forget what it was.

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