Photo Essay: Oxford University Museum of Natural History

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History has a fantastic interior. It is quirky, industrial, skeletal and everything else in between. My regular blog post does not leave much space for excess images and I really felt that this was one time when I needed to create a photo essay.

This is what it looks like on the outside

Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

And this is what it looks like on the inside…

Did I mention skeletal? Meet Tea Wrecks and friends

There are other well padded creatures too, although I didn’t look too hard at those.

And lots of important guys standing around…

But its really that train shed architecture that appeals to me. The building was designed by the Irish architects Thomas Newenham Deane and Benjamin Woodward and directly influenced by the writings of critic John Ruskin, who involved himself by making various suggestions to Woodward during construction. Construction began in 1855, and the building was ready for occupancy in 1860. (

And it’s not everyday that you get to see an elephant skeleton from above either.

It’s time to go. Don’t forget to close the door….

or else…

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