Number 200

Yes, this is post number 200 of my blog. And recently I have been thinking a lot about this blog and my existing website. When I made the first post on 16 August 2011 (although technically the first post was made on the 22nd of August), I was still in two minds about what a blog actually did. 
I am now almost two complete years down the line and frankly I am now asking myself whether I still need my website. 
I started the website in a very basic form in 1997, and somehow it has just managed  to keep itself going since then, in various iterations and through many changes and webhosts. The very first iteration existed on the free webspace of my first ISP, and I also had a mirror running at Tripod. But I realised the limitations of these “free” solutions very early on, and at some point (I suspect it was 1999), registered the domain as it exists today and moved onto a paid hosting platform. 
Like so many things it has good days and bad. In my case it is “flavour of the month” as my interest in other things grow and fades in favour of something else. I realised a long time ago that the shipping area would become stagnant, although currently it is being worked on once again. Realistically though the website was only supposed to be about ships and shipping in South Africa.  Sadly, my early attempts to get onto a South African search engine were met by a snotty letter back from them (yes ananzi, it was you) that stated that my website was “not South African”. It was strange because it had a domain, was hosted locally, had local content and was “made in South Africa”. I quickly realised I did not need ananzi at all. 
But today I am becoming increasingly more comfortable with the blog platform. Sure, it does have limitations, but it does have positive aspects to it as well. I did find it works well for short articles as opposed to long winded galleries of pics, and I was able to adapt a lot of the subject matter to the blog; so much so that I ended up using the blog more than the website. 
With post number 200 done and dusted I am about ready for 201. And a part of me is saying “convert the website into a blog”. But a part of me is also saying that my website is really an institution already, it has been around for a long time and has a number of followers who regularly check whether I have done anything or not. It is also a repository for a number of images of  ships from the days when I was shipwatching in South Africa. And, the cemetery and memorial pages are quite popular too. 
Maybe I should keep it going? I don’t know. But I expect while the blog is flavour of the month everything else will fall by the wayside.
Happy 200th to me!  
This post is interesting because by the time I reached it on 10/04/2016 the total number of posts had reached 386. On this day I was busy with a project to duplicate the blog at the allatsea domain because of the closing down of Picasa where the images on Blogger were hosted. The migration of allatsea to the blog platform was completed quite awhile ago and the website itself is now history. Strange, I never considered that I would reach this point at all when I penned this post in 2013. 
As at 20/11/2016 there are 500 posts and 34 pages in Musings with 696 posts and 174 pages at allatsea. Gads, that is a lot of excess verbiage. 
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