The back to front new dress

On my early morning rounds about town I always pop into a local charity shop that has a really amazing collection of retro stuff. Occasionally a rare gem pops up too, and on this particular day I spotted a really awesome sailor dress that appeared to be around about the size that Miss Emily takes. Although one thing I have learnt is that what it says on the label does not always match what you think you are getting. Anyway, Miss Emily was suitably chuffed with her new gear, although I must really find her an appropriate hat, even though she does tend to loose those.

Dressed in her Sunday finest we ventured out into the sunlight, something that has been decidedly absent these past few weeks. The brook was very low too, so we could get to an area that ordinarily isn’t easy to access. My big concern was that Miss Emily would decide to do a nose dive into the sand, but fortunately she behaved a bit today.

If anything she was being demure, but then given how easy it was to get really filthy in these surroundings demure is a good thing to be. 

“Miss Emily, you are really looking very beautiful today. The dress is perfect, although it may have to taken up a tad.”

“Taken up? nobody is takeing up my dress, forget it, it isn’t going to happen. This is my formal dress, for when I go the opera or the dolly church!”

“The dolly church? I have never heard of it.”

“Oh yes, it is a very important place. At the dolly church we pray that a 6 year old will not attack us with scissors and give us a bad haircut or that we won’t end up in the dreaded “Box under the bed” .

“I have heard of the box under the bed. If it is any consolation I will not put you in the box under the bed, although the only reason for that is my very low bed!”

“Although there is a large box in the box room with your name on it.”

“Nooooooo… not the dreaded box in the boxroom!”

“I am afraid so, occasionally I need to store you and that box is perfect. I do know that when dolls get put in boxes they normally fall asleep and dream dolly dreams.”

“A likely story! I don’t have sleep eyes so cannot sleep!”

“Let’s deal with that eventuality when it happens, rather just enjoy the outing.”

“Okey dokey, but you owe me an ice cream!”

“I will give you a rain cheque Miss Emily, because I owe myself an ice cream and there is none in the freezer!”

Miss Emily sat down on the bank of the Carrant Brook and looked at the burbling water..

“This is nice, the water is so clear too.”

“That’s true, although you can now see the pollution and the rubbish that ends up in the water.”

“Sadly humans are very quick to dump their rubbish in places like this. We need to educate kids from young ages to preserve the environment, and use the litter bins provided.”

Miss Emily thought for a moment, “don’t they teach that in school? I have never been to school so have no idea what they teach there.”

“Miss Emily I don’t know what they teach in school nowadays, but you can bet even if they did teach it there will always be the one person that will litter and do their worst.”

Miss Emily sighed and rummaged in her pocket and took out a cheerful looking hat and stuck it on her head. “Look what I found..”

“Wow Miss Emily, I am impressed, usually you loose a hat as soon as you wear it.”

“I know, it is amazing, although this is not the correct hat for this dress.”

“I must try to find you a boater, or one of those sennet hats like they use in the Royal Navy.”

“That’s a great idea, I have the dress already!”

“A nautical theme, I like that.” 

We walked a bit further, and I took a missed step and almost fell, fortunately neither of us were damaged but it was a close call.

“Please be careful..” Miss Emily admonished. “If something happens to you I am going to be in big trouble.”

“I know Miss Emily, I have been thinking a lot about that, at some point I may need to sell you to another collector, although if I leave here I would love to take you with me.”

“I understand, but let us enjoy ourselves before that happens.”

“Well said Miss Emily. Come, its almost lunch time, I am sure your tummy is rumbling.”

“Oh yes. Can we have pizza?”

“Sundays are traditionally roast, 2 veg, spuds and gravy with pud for after.”

 “Pud? what is this pud I hear you talk about?”

“You know, pudding, desert, afters…”

“Aaaah Pudding!! why did’t you say so? although will it be Yorkshire pudding or black pudding? those are imitations, they do not belong to the after dinner menu.”

“Very well spotted Miss Emily, personally I am a fan of Yorkshire Pudding, but will give black pudding a miss.”

“Black pudding is yucky stuff! gimme custard and ice cream with a side order of choc and I am a happy camper.” 

“I agree, come, lets go eat.

“Oh, before we go, where is your new hat?”

“It’s er.. um… I dunno? but, I still have my giant bow!”

“I am surprised. Keep it up Miss Emily, one day you will be able to keep a hat.”

And I know she will try, but there are some things that Miss Emily just cannot do, and keep a hat is one.

This is the famous sailor dress the right way around, apart from the zip there is not much difference is there? 

And now, it is time for lunch.

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