Mutter Mutter Mutter

It has been awhile since I had a good mutter, but then there isn’t too much to mutter about.  The whole covid pandemic has put more than a spanner in the works, it has added the hammer, pliers and toolbox too, and in spite of vaccines being given is still not at a point where normality can resume.

First: the numbers.

India has been surging upwards in the table, and it may still overtake the USA.  In the UK 59,8 million doses of vaccine have been given with 22,1M completely vaccinated (33,1% of the population). My 2nd dose is due soon too, so one of these days I will be rolling up my sleeve.

Back in South Africa it was revealed that once again our cell providers know how to make a fast buck.  A well known telecomms provider international roaming customers are charged R300,000 per GB for mobile data on MTN’s network in Nigeria which costs around R30.00 in the country. To give some sort of perspective remember that the cheapest entry level car in South Africa is the Suzuki S-Presso – From R145 900.  I am not too sure whether this exorbitant mobile data price is legit or not though, but the story broke on Mybroadband.

The latest joke of the month was the change in the terms of service at YouTube: in particular the line that reads:  “You grant to YouTube the right to monetize your Content on the Service (and such monetization may include displaying ads on or within Content or charging users a fee for access). This Agreement does not entitle you to any  payments.”  I am sorry YT but I do not grant you the right to plaster irritating ads all over my videos and have consequently deleted all of the content on my channel. 

This week also saw the anniversary of the sinking of HMS Hood (24/05/1941) as well as the Bismarck (27/05/1961).  1384 Members of Hood’s crew are Commemorated at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial. They are however not listed under their ship, but rather in order of rank for 1941.

Portsmouth Naval Memorial

As for the Bismarck, the one machine that really brought about her end was an insignificant biplane from HMS Ark Royal, possibly flown by pilot John Moffat that delivered a torpedo that critically damaged her rudder, leaving the ship sailing in circles, thereby ensuring that she would not be able to flee to a safe haven, but would have to face up to the might of the Royal Navy that was closing in on her for the final battle. Many German sailors lost their lives in the sinking and the vulnerability of the battleship to air attack was shown once again.  Bismarck however lives on our memories as one of the ultimate war machines of her era, and as we remember her sinking so many years ago, let us not forget those who went down with her, and those who died on HMS Hood and the brave pilots in their biplanes that went forth and crippled the pride of the Kriegsmarine.

And, I am officially now 60 years old, and I won’t even discuss the dreadful day I had at work on my birthday.  The sad reality of life is that we get old, we break down and we end up tired and grumpier. 

Now get off my lawn! 

DRW 2021 – 2022. Created 27/05/2021

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