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Modelling the Union-Castle Line (2)

Continuing where we left off, my newest additions have arrived and I am about ready to transform them into members of my ever expanding fleet  

However, before we paste their pics, I also have another commercial model of the Pendennis Castle in 1/125 scale by CM, She is a beauty, just like the real thing.

My new additions are:

Athlone Castle

And Durban Castle

When I eventually finish this pair I will have (counts on fingers…) 8 UC ships in total. The next one I will buy is probably Southampton Castle and one of the mailships in troopship guise. But, we are quite far from that point.

Many people are curious as to where I get the resin cast ships from. I buy them from Convoy Models,

The next step in the process is to paint the superstructure white, and while I am doing white I will also touch up the other UC ships that I have built. Next time you see this pair they will be partly painted.

24/07: Hull, superstructure and decks partly painted.


Basic painting is completed and most masts are fitted although no booms are in place yet. I also used the opportunity to touch up some areas on the other fleet members. 


Booms fitted. I was amazed at how many had to be fitted to the Athlone which does give an indication of how much cargo space these vessels really had. I have to sort out the sheer line on the Athlone, it is wobbly and paint booms and touch up more areas that I may have missed. The ships are more or less complete though. 

My U-C fleet now stands at 8 ships and here it is.

(L-r) Capetown, Athlone, Pendennis, Edinburgh, Reina Del Mar, Durban, Dunnottar and Llandaff Castles.

Amongst the many ships that I like is the former Sea Princess (built as Kungsholm). She called in South Africa on a number of occasions, although mostly in Cape Town.

My usual source for UC ships also had her available in a resin cast, and she was easily adaptable to Sea Princess or Victoria, a name she carried later in her career with P&O. It was as Victoria that she did the Union-Castle 100 year centenary voyage in the year 2000.

I decided to make Sea Princess in the P&O livery

The sublime model above was in the window of a travel agent in Salisbury. How I coveted that model! 

Anyhow, here is the before

and almost completed

She too will be joining my fleet one of these days. I still have a few things to do on her though so it will take a few more days. Tomorrow? The Second Mauretania and City of Durban; read about them on my More Small Ships page

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