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Modelling the Union-Castle Line (2)

Continuing where we left off, my newest additions have arrived and I am about ready to transform them into members of my ever expanding fleet  

However, before we paste their pics, I also have another commercial model of the Pendennis Castle in 1/125 scale by CM, She is a beauty, just like the real thing.

My new additions are:

Athlone Castle

And Durban Castle

When I eventually finish this pair I will have (counts on fingers…) 8 UC ships in total. The next one I will buy is probably Southampton Castle and one of the mailships in troopship guise. But, we are quite far from that point.

Here is my Stirling Castle and Athlone Castle together. Stirling is in front. (image from 10/2017)

MV Rochester Castle, my current work in progress.


Many people are curious as to where I get the resin cast ships from. I buy them from Convoy Models,

The next step in the process is to paint the superstructure white, and while I am doing white I will also touch up the other UC ships that I have built. Next time you see this pair they will be partly painted.

24/07: Hull, superstructure and decks partly painted.


Basic painting is completed and most masts are fitted although no booms are in place yet. I also used the opportunity to touch up some areas on the other fleet members. 


Booms fitted. I was amazed at how many had to be fitted to the Athlone which does give an indication of how much cargo space these vessels really had. I have to sort out the sheer line on the Athlone, it is wobbly and paint booms and touch up more areas that I may have missed. The ships are more or less complete though. 

My U-C fleet now stands at 8 ships and here it is.

(L-r) Capetown, Athlone, Pendennis, Edinburgh, Reina Del Mar, Durban, Dunnottar and Llandaff Castles.

The fleet as at 26/11/2017:

The two ships behind the fleet are both called “Victoria” The right hand ship being the former Dunottar Castle, that had a very long life. First operated by the Incres Steamship Co and later by Chandris Lines under the names Victoria and The Victoria. In 1993 she joined Louis Cruise Lines as Princesa Victoria and was finally scrapped in India in 2004. 

The model I have is by Mercury I believe, and here she is with her UC iteration. 

The other Victoria on the left is amongst the many ships that I like. She is the former Sea Princess (built as Kungsholm), and she called in South Africa on a number of occasions, although mostly in Cape Town.

My usual source for UC ships also had her available in a resin cast, and she was easily adaptable to Sea Princess or Victoria, a name she carried later in her career with P&O. It was as Victoria that she did the Union-Castle 100 year centenary voyage in the year 2000.

I decided to make Sea Princess in the P&O livery

This sublime model above was in the window of a travel agent in Salisbury. How I coveted that model! 

Anyhow, here is the before

and almost completed

She too will be joining my fleet one of these days. I still have a few things to do on her though so it will take a few more days. Unfortunately I messed the model up by sticking the one deck in the wrong place. I have since rectified that but the deck now looks kind of lopsided. Why is it that super glue sticks like mad when you don’t want it to stick?

I am considering repainting her in the Union-Castle livery so that she can join the fleet. 

Tomorrow? The Second Mauretania and City of Durban; read about them on my More Small Ships page

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