Miss Emily Can’t Sleep!

Miss Emily, the recent recipient of a pair of snazzy pyjamas decided that she really needed to try them out and would go to bed.

But sleep did not come easily to Miss Emily, she tossed and turned…

and tried different positions

to no avail.

“This is not funny. I cannot get to sleep.”

“Maybe if I count sheep?”

“1 Sheep”

“Bah, there only seems to be one sheep. I feel sheepish counting 1 sheep all the time”

“Nope, that doesn’t work either. What else can I try?”

Princess Skye heard Miss Emily tossing and turning and counting the solitary sheep and came over to her bed.

“Hi Miss Emily, what is wrong?”

Now Skye was a Princess from the Kingdom of Slumberland where sleeping is a national sport. Skye could do the 100 metre doze in under 13 hours, and had once slept though a whole episode of “The Brady Bunch” although that did give her an excuse to rewatch it for the 100th time. Skye loved reruns, but she was also a dab hand at sleeping.

“Princess Skye.” Emily sighed. “I cannot sleep. No matter how many times I change position sleep just doesn’t come. I have tried tossing, I have tried turning, I have tried with the duvet and without the duvet, with my arms under the covers and over the covers. I cannot sleep. It is exasperating!”

“Miss Emily, I have bad news for you..” Skye said gently. “You do not have sleep eyes, you cannot sleep, you will just end up laying awake the whole night and never nod off.”

“You mean I will never sleep and dream and wake up in a cold sweat having dreamt I was falling off my stand onto my face?”

“I am afraid so.”

“Ok. that solves that then.”

Skye was quite taken aback that Miss Emily was not too concerned about her bad news.

“But one question Princess Skye. If I can’t sleep because I don’t have sleep eyes, how is it you are such an expert and you don’t have sleep eyes either?”

Skye was baffled. “Do you know, I have never considered that. I will have to get back to you with an answer, let me go sleep on it. In the meantime you may as well use the hours when everybody else is sawing logs to your advantage. I find it is the perfect time to watch Brady Bunch reruns and old rubber monster flicks.”

“And to scoff biscuits and drink copious amounts of tea?”

“Oh yes, although I do dislike crumbs in my bed.”

“Thank you Princess Skye, I feel so much better now. I have some translating to do and a book to read, and then there is some research and some video’s that need watching. Wow, I can do all of that and then some! 

So Miss Emily bid good night to Skye and grabbed her book, made herself comfortable and started to read. “Now all I need are some biscuits and a cuppa and all will be right with the world.” 

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