Mendi Memorial in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth

These photographs were taken on 12 June 2011 in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth by Ronnie Lovemore and are used with his permission.

This is the second Mendi Memorial that I was able to add to these pages, and like the one in Avalon seems to be in danger of loosing its context. The photographer remarked that a light has been taken from the top of the memorial and the area was filthy.  The Google Street view of the memorial also showed an unmaintained and water sodden area that does not befit what it stands for.

For more information about the Mendi, check my sinking of the Mendi page.  This Mendi Memorial may be found at the Google Earth co-ordinates  33° 54.379’S,  25° 35.873’E

I have to admit that when I was moving this page to Musings I thought that an updated image would be nice and the best I could find was a 2017 streetview in Google Maps.  I am unable to access a 2020 image at this point so cannot comment on what the situation is now at the end of 2020.

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