Rand Revolt Graves in Brixton Cemetery

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The graves in Brixton Cemetery are mostly of civilians, strikers, bystanders and members of the military, a mass grave to members of the Transvaal Scottish is also present. Some of the headstones were added in recently, and the headstone of David Lewis ties into that of Lt RW Taylor who is buried in Rebecca Street Cemetery in Pretoria.

Known to be buried in Brixton (reg entry or physical grave):

  • Ah Ton (Chinese national) (Storekeeper and Native Eating House keeper, 12/03/1922. Originally buried in Braamfontein Cemetery, reburied in Brixton Cemetery, Chinese plot 7327.)
  • Mounted Constable. Cornelius Johannes Van Aswegan (GSW. 13/03/1922 “special burial ground Milner Park” Reburied Brixton DR 1721)
  • S.M Instructor. Thomas Notman (Instructor UDF. GSW head. 10/03/1922. Buried Brixton Cem EC 6918)
  • Capt. Henry Werner Backeberg (Clerk, GSW lungs. 12/03/1922, Buried Brixton Gen 5633)
  • Lt. Ethelbert Guy (Geologist, GSW Chest, 10/03/1922, buried Brixton Gen 5632)
  • Cpl. Angus MacLeod (Student, GSW heart, 10/03/1922, Buried Brixton. Gen 5635B)
  • Pte. Lawrence Froneman (Carpenter, GSW chest, 13/03/1922, buried Brixton Gen 5630)
  • Pte. Eris Sydney Goddard (Apprentice upholsterer, 10/03/1922, Buried Brixton Gen 5631)
  • Pte. Cecil Fyfe Ireland (Boilermaker, GSW chest, 11/03/1922, Buried Brixton Gen 5635)
  • Pte. Richard Bateman Machan (Gunshot wounds, 12/03/1922 “Special graveyard Milner Park”, reburied in Brixton. Gen 5629)
  • Pte. Frank B Marshall (Clerk, GSW through back. 10/03/1922 Buried in Brixton Gen 5635A)
  • Pte. Richard Blackstock Ovens (Civil engineer, GSW chest, 12/03/1922, Buried Brixton Gen 5634)
  • Major George Alexander Findlay Adam (Soldier, 14/03/1922, GSWs, Buried Brixton Cem Gen 5793)
  • Pte. James Leander Freeman (Clerk, GSW chest, 11/03/1922, Buried Brixton EC 6928)
  • Tpr Laurence Westerford Dallamore (ILH) (Clerk, 11/03/1922, Buried in Brixton EC 2151)
  • Joseph Blair Nourse (Killed at Ellis Park with ILH) 11/03/1922 buried Brixton EC 2964. His son was KIA in WW2) )
  • Gnr Matthew Leonard Cecil Walsh (THA) ( 12/03/1922, “Special graveyard Milner Park” reburied in Brixton Gen 5688, headstone vandalised)
  • Pte Douglas MacGregor Dodd (Rand Light Infantry. 12/03/1922, GSW, Buried in Brixton EC6921)
  • Lt. Eldred Leonard Bawden (Railways and Harbours Brigade) (GSW chest 12/03/1922, Brixton Gen 3755)
  • Henry Joseph Grinyer (SA Medical Corps) (GSW spine, 12/03/1922. Buried Brixton EC 6930)
  • Gnr Thomas Perridge (THA) (Driver. Multiple GSW, 11/03/1922. Buried Brixton EC 6912 headstone vandalised)
  • Eleanor Jane Berry (Housewife, GSW to head, 10/03/1922. Buried Brixton Gen 5605)
  • Sarah Louisa Diffenthal (Housewife, GSW of pelvis, 10/03/1922. Buried Brixton DR 1709)
  • James Oliver Grey Hall (Timberman, shattered skull, 14/03/1922. Buried Brixton Gen 5609)
  • Florence Letisha Baumgard (Housewife, Bullet wound through head 13/03/1922 Buried Brixton EC 6915)
  • Rhyno Warrently Smith (Renault Warendly on DN) (Shunter South African Railways, 14/03/1922 Buried Brixton DR 1722, headstone vandalised)
  • Harris Trotsky (General dealer, GSW chest. 12/03/1922 Buried Brixton Jewish Cem 2361)
  • Gert Petrus Jacob Van Der Merwe (Gardener. GSW Left chest. 10/03/1922 buried Brixton DR 1714)
  • David Karol (Carel?) Nortje (Shop assistant, stab wound of chest. 10/03/1922 “special graveyard Milner Park” Reburied Brixton DR 1733)
  • William Thomas Stedman (Commercial clerk, 11/03/1922, GSW abdomen, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Brixton EC 6925)
  • Harry James Swanepoel (General labourer, bullet wound of chest. 10/03/1922 special graveyard Milner Park” Reburied Brixton DR 1741)
  • Allewyn Petrus Marais. (Grocer, 12/03/1922 . Buried in Brixton EC 43A. Allegedly shot by Taffy Long.)
  • Gerhardus Petrus Bezuidenhout. (Fireman SAR, GSW Chest, 10/03/1922. Buried in Brixton DR 1713)
  • Charles Isbister (Blacksmith, GSW of head, 14/03/1922, “special graveyard in Milner Park” Reburied Brixton Gen 5617)
  • Willie Marais (Scholar 12/03/1922. GSWs, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Brixton DR 1725)
  • Marthinus Wessels Smith (Gold miner underground, 16/03/1922, GSW of head, buried Brixton EC 6919)
  • Lucas Johannes Rautenbach (Brixton DR 1710)
  • Jacobus Johannes Van Wyk (Gold miner, GSW of abdomen, 16/03/1922 Brixton DR1726)
  • William Edward Dowse (Harness maker, GSW of chest, 16/03/1922, buried Brixton RC 679)
  • Samuel Alfred Taffy Long (Gold miner, executed Pretoria Central Prison 17/11/1922. Buried Brixton Gen 6116)
  • Herbert Kenneth Hull. (Gold miner, executed Pretoria Central Prison 17/11/1922. Buried Brixton RC 753)
  • David Lewis 17/11/1922 (Executed Pretoria Central Prison 17/11/1922. Buried Brixton RC 754)
  • Percy Fisher 14/03/1922 (Gold miner, bullet wound of head (possibly self inflicted), 14/03/1922, buried Brixton Gen 5608)
  • Harry (Henry) Spendiff 14/03/1922 (Gold miner, bullet wound of head (possibly self inflicted), 14/03/1922, buried Brixton RC 677)
  • Patrick Anthony Corbitt (Gold miner underground, GSW of chest 12/10/1922, “Special graveyard Milner Park”. Reburied in Brixton RC 680)
  • Cornelius Stephanus Bothma (Gold miner underground. 10/03/1922 “Special graveyard Milner Park. Reburied Brixton DR 1724)
  • William Traut (or Trout?) (Blacksmith, GSW’s 13/03/1922 Buried Brixton Gen 5606, no headstone)
  • Leslie Trevanian Reynolds. (Electrical engineer. GSW. 12/03/1922 buried Brixton Gen 5606A, no headstone)
  • Petrus Johannes Stephen Jansen Van Vuuren (Gold miner, GSW. 12/03/1922 Buried Brixton DR 1717)
  • Hendrik Stephanus Pretorius (Gold miner underground, GSW of chest. 11/03/1922 “special graveyard Milner Park” Reburied Brixton Gen 5650)
  • Jacobus Enslin (Miner, GSW. 13/03/1922 Buried Brixton DR 1719)
  • Paul Retief (Gold miner. GSW 11/03/1922 Buried Brixton DR 1718)
  • Nicholas Jacobus Oosthuizen Du Plessis (Miner 14/03/1922. Buried Brixton 1722A)
  • Dirk Johannes De Meillion (Gold miner 13/03/1922, GSW, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Brixton DR 1748)
  • Petrus Gouws (Gold miner underground GSW abdomen, 10/03/1922 “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Brixton DR 1735)
  • Francois Gerhardus Putter (Gold miner underground, 11/03/1922, shattered skull, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Brixton DR 5734 )
  • Gert Cornelius Jacobus Cloete (13/03/1922, GSW chest, “special graveyard in Milner Park” Reburied Brixton DR 1738)
  • Tom, No Surname (General labourer, multiple bullet wounds. 08/03/1922. “Intended place of burial Brixton”)
  • David Zalig Tocker (aka Tucker?) (Engine cleaner SAR, GSW abdomen. 12/03/1922, “Special graveyard Milner Park” Reburied in Brixton Jewish Cem)
  • Johan Jacob Griessel (Pipe fitter in mine, fractured base of skull, stab wound chest. 11/03/1922, “special graveyard Milner Park”. Reburied Brixton DR 1728)
  • Willem Jacobus Joubert (Bookkeeper, 10/03/1922, GSW head, shattered skull, Buried in Brixton DR 1708)
  • Gert Petrus Adrian Vrey. (Underground gold miner, shattered skull, died 10/03/1922 in the “temporary hospital Newlands” buried Brixton DR 1712, no headstone)
  • Phineas James (General labourer, 08/03/1922 GSW abdomen, Buried Brixton Cemetery)

Bawden EL

Diffenthal SL

Grinyer HJ

Dowes WE

Hull KH

Berry EJ

Lewis D

Rautenbach LJ

Hall JOG

Fisher P

Spendiff H

Smith MW

Long T

Freeman JL

Notman T

Perridge T

Adam GAF

Dallamore LW

Smith RW

Trotsky H

Walsh M

Van Aswegen CJ

Marais P

Bezuidenhout GP

Griessel JJ

Tocker D


Transvaal Scottish Mass Grave

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