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This list is really an attempt to make sense of the casualties of the Rand Revolt. It includes suicides, judicial executions, soldiers and civilians and is a work in progress and there are 190 names in this list so far. This is already more than the table below. Some names link to the applicable South African War Graves Project page and we show 101 casualties for the period 09/03/1922 – 01/04/1922. 5 of the casualties were under the age of 16.

The number of casualties is difficult to pin down, and a number of sources give different totals depending on how the numbers are made up. The table I have used is from: 2000 Casualties, A History of the South African Labour Movement. By Ivan L. Walker and Ben Weinbren. Published by The South African Trade Union Council. 1961. I think it is safe to say that this table is incorrect, neither is there any way to know who was a “Revolutionary” or a “Suspected Revolutionary” either.

  Killed/Died of wounds Wounded Total
Military 43 133 176
Police 29 86 115
“Revolutionaries” 11 45 56
“Suspected Revolutionaries” 28 73 101
Innocent civilians 42 197 239
Total 153 534 687

A temporary cemetery was set up in Milner Park on 12 March 1922 and on 5 May 1924, the last of the 33 military and 29 striker/civilian remains were removed from the cemetery and re-interred in Brixton or Braamfontein or elsewhere. A number of police casualties were re-interred in the areas where they lived or were stationed which is why some are outside of Witwatersrand area. I have created a page showing all the known casualties that were interred in that special graveyard and removed that section from this page.  GSW stands for “Gunshot Wound”.

South African Police. (27)

ANZAC Memorial Brakpan. (Special Police and civilians) (8)

South African Air Force (2)

Permanent Force (3)

Mass Grave Transvaal Scottish – Brixton (9)

Transvaal Scottish not in Brixton mass grave (8)

Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery graves (11)

Imperial Light Horse (6)

Other Military. (9)

Caught in the Crossfire. (32)

  • Florence Letisha Baumgard (Housewife, Bullet wound through head 13/03/1922 Buried Brixton EC 6915)
  • Eleanor Jane Berry (Housewife, GSW to head, 10/03/1922. Buried Brixton Gen 5605)
  • Annie Bullard. (Born Doubtfire. Housewife. GSW through head, 13/03/1922. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery EC449, plaque in St Dunstans Cathedral in Benoni)
  • Sarah Louisa Diffenthal (Housewife, GSW of pelvis, 10/03/1922. Buried Brixton DR 1709)
  • Charlotte Enid Lombard (Housewife GSW neck and spine. 12/03/1922 Reportedly buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR376)
  • Maria Magdalena Truter (Housewife, 11/03/1922. Killed by a bomb dropped from aircraft, Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR377)
  • Gerhardus Petrus Bezuidenhout. (Fireman SAR, GSW Chest, 10/03/1922. Buried in Brixton DR 1713)
  • Henry Herbert Carr (Gardener, 13/03/1922. Died from injuries caused by GSW in strike (Braamfontein EC 23032)
  • George Gillon (Lecturer technical school, GSW of chest, 11/03/1922, Buried Burgershoop cem, Krugersdorp grave 29522)
  • James Oliver Grey Hall (Timberman, shattered skull, 14/03/1922. Buried Brixton Gen 5609)
  • Charles Isbister (Blacksmith, GSW of head, 14/03/1922, “special graveyard in Milner Park” Reburied Brixton Gen 5617)
  • James James. (Butcher, GSW heart, 10/03/1922. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery, Presbyterian sec 152)
  • Willem Jacobus Joubert (Bookkeeper, 10/03/1922, GSW head, shattered skull, Buried in Brixton DR 1708, no headstone)
  • Allewyn Petrus Marais. (Grocer, 12/03/1922 . Buried in Brixton EC 43A. Allegedly shot by Taffy Long.)
  • David Arthur Morton (Carpenter, 11/03/1922, head shattered, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Braamfontein NC ?)
  • David Karol (Karel?) Nortje (Shop assistant, stab wound of chest. 10/03/1922 “special graveyard Milner Park” Reburied Brixton DR 1733)
  • Harry Ambrose Paulsen (Paulse?) (Barber. GSW of skull and hammerblows. 13/03/1922 Boksburg Cem)
  • Johannes Everhardus Redelinghuys (Engine cleaner SAR, GSW through back, 12/03/1922, May have been originally buried in Brixton, reburied Standerton Cem)
  • Harry James Swanepoel (General labourer, GSW chest. 10/03/1922 special graveyard Milner Park” Reburied Brixton DR 1741)
  • William Thomas Stedman (Commercial clerk, 11/03/1922, GSW abdomen, “special graveyard Milner Park”. Reburied Brixton EC 6925)
  • Petrus Johannes Visser Soekoe (House painter, GSWs, 12/03/1922, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Braamfontein NC 23228)
  • Frank George Smith (Municipal labourer. 14/03/1922 buried Braamfontein Hosp plot 23024)
  • Rhyno Warrently Smith (Renault Warendly on DN) (Shunter South African Railways, 14/03/1922. GSW chest.  Buried Brixton DR 1722)
  • John Albert Sutcliffe (Engineer, GSW abdomen, 11/03/1922 buried Braamfontein EC 23028)
  • James Tanner (Guard Inspector SAR, GSW face and head, 10/03/1922. Primrose Cemetery)
  • Louis Bloom Tucker (Cab driver, GSW abdomen and chest. 14/03/1922 buried Braamfontein Jewish section 2362, no headstone)
  • David Zalig Tocker (aka Tucker?) (Engine cleaner SAR, GSW abdomen. 12/03/1922, “Special graveyard Milner Park” Reburied in Brixton Jewish Cem)
  • Ah Ton (Chinese national) (Storekeeper and Native Eating House keeper, 12/03/1922. Originally buried in Braamfontein Cemetery, reburied in Brixton Cemetery, Chinese plot 7327.)
  • Harris Trotsky (General dealer, GSW chest. 12/03/1922 Buried Brixton Jewish Cem 2361)
  • Gert Petrus Jacob Van Der Merwe (Gardener. GSW Left chest. 10/03/1922 buried Brixton DR 1714, no headstone)
  • David Van Der Merwe (Nurseryman, 12/03/1922, GSW of abdomen, “special graveyard in Milner Park”. Reburied Braamfontein NC 23222)
  • John Harris Williams (Phthisis beneficiary, GSWs, 13/03/1922, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Braamfontein NC 23231)

Scholars and children caught in the crossfire. (4)

  • Willem Johannes Van Der Berg (Scholar 16 yrs, 13/03/1922, GSWs, “special graveyard Milner Park”. Reburied Braamfontein NC 23224)
  • Willie Marais (Scholar 12 yrs, 12/03/1922. GSWs, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Brixton DR 1725 on 19/03/1922. Listed as William Frederick Marais (14) in the register)
  • Alec or Alic Zackey (schoolboy 11 yrs, 10/03/1922, GSW chest, buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery RC56)
  • Dora Zackey (schoolgirl 14 yrs, 10/03/1922, GSW head, buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery RC56)
  • Isaac Wainer (Schoolboy, 10 yrs,  10/03/1922, GSW abdomen. Buried Braamfontein Cemetery Jewish section RIT513)

Shot while trying to escape (16/03/1922) (7)

Found Guilty and Executed (4)

Allegedly Committed Suicide (2)

Buried in Rebecca Street Cemetery Pretoria (1)

  • Lt Rupert William (Twentyman) Taylor (Accountant, Military Intelligence. Right thigh shattered, haemorrhage. Shot by David Lewis 11/03/1922 “Special graveyard Milner Park, reburied Rebecca Street Cemetery, Pretoria. )

Known casualties with Death Notice (miners) (35)

  • Dirk Hendrick Ackerman (Gold miner, compound fracture of skull, 28/02/1922, Buried in Benoni Rhynsoord, DR 329)
  • Cornelius Stephanus Bothma (Gold miner underground. 10/03/1922 “Special graveyard Milner Park”. Reburied Brixton DR 1724, no headstone)
  • Abraham Hermanus Bruwer (Miner underground, GSW chest and head. 13/03/1922 Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR379)
  • Gert Cornelius Jacobus Cloete (13/03/1922, GSW chest, “special graveyard in Milner Park” Reburied Brixton DR 1738)
  • Patrick Anthony Corbitt (Gold miner underground, GSW of chest 12/10/1922, “Special graveyard Milner Park”. Reburied in Brixton RC 680)
  • John (Jack) Davidson (Gold miner. GSW arm and abdomen. 11/03/1922 Buried Braamfontein EC 23030, Plaque erected on grave 12/03/2022)
  • Dirk Johannes De Meillion (Gold miner 13/03/1922, GSW, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Brixton DR 1748)
  • Christian Bains De Villiers (Miner underground, GSW through heart 10/03/1922. Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR427)
  • Nicholas Jacobus Oosthuizen Du Plessis (Miner 14/03/1922. Buried Brixton 1722A)
  • Jacobus Enslin (Miner, GSW. 13/03/1922 Buried Brixton DR 1719, no headstone)
  • John Henry Erland/Erlank (Erlank on grave) (Gold miner, GSW Skull and brain. 12 March 1922. Boksburg main Cemetery) (image on eGGSA)
  • Louis Johannes Fourie (Underground gold miner, GSW around lung 10/03//1922 DR Church burial grounds Brakpan)
  • William Henry Glasson (Gold miner, 12/03/1922, GSWs, “special graveyard in Milner Park” Reburied Braamfontein NC 23227, Plaque erected on grave 12/03/2022)
  • Petrus Gouws (Gold miner underground GSW abdomen, 10/03/1922 “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Brixton DR 1735)
  • Johan Jacob Griessel (Pipe fitter in mine, fractured base of skull, stab wound chest. 11/03/1922, “special graveyard Milner Park”. Reburied Brixton DR 1728)
  • Johann Godfrey Horak (General miner, GSW right chest. 11/03/1922. Pretoria (temp burial in Brakpan)
  • Johannes Hendrik Jooste (Gold miner underground. GSW chest. 11/03/1922, Buried Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR383?)
  • David Hermanus Lucas Krause. (Gold Miner. Puncture wound left flank. 28/03/1922 Boksburg Cem)
  • V Smith Alias John (Johann) Delport Kromhout (Gold Miner underground, GSW of Head 12/03/1922, “special graveyard Milner Park”, Reburied Braamfontein NC 23225, plaque erected on grave 12/03/2022 with Cromhout spelling.)
  • Pietro Letiza (Gold miner underground, 10/03/1922, GSW of face, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Braamfontein NC 23218. Plaque erected on grave 12/03/2022)
  • Richard McMurray (Gold miner underground. Shattered skull, 10/03/1922 special graveyard Milner Park” Reburied Braamfontein NC 23219, Plaque erected on grave 12/03/2022)
  • Louis Johannes Nel (Gold miner, 12/03/1922, GSWs, “special graveyard in Milner Park” Reburied Braamfontein NC 23229, plaque erected on grave 12/03/2022)
  • Hendrik Stephanus Pretorius (Gold miner underground, GSW of chest. 11/03/1922 “special graveyard Milner Park” Reburied Brixton Gen 5650)
  • Robert Parry (or Perry) (12/03/1922, “special graveyard in Milner Park” Reburied Braamfontein NC 23223)
  • Francois Gerhardus Putter (Gold miner underground, 11/03/1922, shattered skull, “special graveyard Milner Park” . Reburied Brixton DR 5734 )
  • William Henry Reilly (Gold miner. Bomb wounds. 12/03/1922 “special graveyard Milner Park” buried Braamfontein RC 21556, plaque erected on grave 12/03/2022 )
  • Leslie Trevanian Reynolds (Electrical engineer. GSW. 12/03/1922 buried Brixton Gen 5606A, no headstone)
  • Hermanus Johannes Redelinghuys (Underground miner, GSW, ? paralysis (record indistinct) 19/03/1922 Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR381)
  • Paul Retief (Gold miner. GSW 11/03/1922 Buried Brixton DR 1718, no headstone)
  • Edward Adrian Solomon. (Miner, wounds and haemorrhage left lung. 13/03/1922 Buried Benoni Benoni Rynsoord Cemetery DR380)
  • William Traut (or Trout?) (Blacksmith, GSW’s 13/03/1922 Buried Brixton Gen 5606, no headstone)
  • Jacobus Pretorius Terblanche (Gold miner. GSW of skull and haemorrhage. 28/03/1922 Bronkhorstspruit area cem)
  • Petrus Jacobus Francois Van Der Westhuizen (Underground gold miner, bullet wound of chest 10/03//1922 DR Church burial grounds Brakpan)
  • Petrus Johannes Stephen Jansen Van Vuuren (Gold miner, GSW. 12/03/1922 Buried Brixton DR 1717, no headstone)
  • Gert Petrus Adrian Vrey. (Underground gold miner, shattered skull, died 10/03/1922 in the “temporary hospital Newlands” buried Brixton DR 1712, no headstone)

Africans who lost their lives. (7) (No surname details were recorded in the death notices)

  • Catine (or Canteen). (Mine labourer, GSW chest 10/03/1922. Buried Brakpan Mines, Brakpan)
  • Abselom or Abselon. (Concussion of brain. 16/03/1922. Buried Boksburg Cemetery)
  • Tom. (General labourer, multiple bullet wounds. 08/03/1922. “Intended place of burial Brixton”)
  • Jan. (General labourer. 12/03/1922, “special graveyard Milner Park” Final burial place not known)
  • Daniel. (Labourer. GSW head. 12/03/1922, buried Braamfontein Cemetery )
  • William. (GSW through abdomen. 14/03/1922, buried Benoni Native Cemetery)
  • Phineas James (General labourer, 08/03/1922 GSW abdomen, Buried Brixton Cemetery)

Unknowns (6):

  • Theron. No info or death notice. (May be Henry Lawrence Theron, buried Brixton DR 1732 on 27/03/1922
  • John Williams (No info. Buried Braamfontein NC 23230)
  • Klopper (no info. May be Coenrad Klopper, scholar that is mentioned in Krikler book “White Rising” ) Buried Braamfontein NC 23221)
  • Charlotte Smith (no info. Buried Braamfontein NC 23226)
  • 50-60 yr unidentified male (Shattered skull, “in open at Fordsburg” 10/03/1922, “special graveyard Milner Park” ). Reburied Braamfontein NC 23232)
  • Prinsloo. (No info or death notice. Buried Braamfontein NC 23220)

New Primrose Mine Incident (08 March 1922)

  • Nothing (Naite) abt 30 yrs, underground mine labourer, gsw of abdomen, brought in dead. 8 March 1922. Buried New Primrose Mine Cemetery, Germiston. 
  • Manyakulana Sugar, abt 38 yrs, underground mine labourer, gsw through chest, died 38 hours after admission. 10 March 1922. Buried New Primrose Mine Cemetery, Germiston.
  • Mangunyana (Lisi), abt 27 yrs, underground labourer, gsw of abdomen, died 28 hours after admission. 9 March 1922. Buried New Primrose Mine Cemetery, Germiston.
  • Harry Ernest Bruce Webbstock, abt 30 yrs,  gold miner underground,  gsw penetrating lungs and aorta, 8 March 1922, buried “Germiston Cemetery, Germiston”
  • Samuel Antonie, Edward Olivier, 40 yrs, gold miner underground,  gsw left hip, septicaemia,  27 March 1922,  buried “Germiston Cemetery, Germiston”
  • Douglas, abt 21 yrs, underground mine labourer, compound depressed fracture of skull,  died 30 hours after admission. 9 March 1922. Buried New Primrose Mine Cemetery, Germiston.
  • Mneedwa, abt 30 yrs, underground mine labourer, gsw head, septic meningitis,  died 6 days after admission. 13 March 1922. Buried New Primrose Mine Cemetery, Germiston.
  • Hlomana, abt 30 yrs,  underground mine labourer, gsw abdomen, brought in dead. 8 March 1922. Buried New Primrose Mine Cemetery, Germiston.

There are a number of oddities that I am aware of:

Myer Mitchell. “In open Doornfontein” 14/03/1922. Had ongoing heart condition but may have died as a result of his encounter with strikers or troops. Supposedly buried in Brixton but is buried in Braamfontein Jewish Cemetery grave 2363. A different death notice for him states “killed in Beit Street, Doornfontein”.
“Theron” has no death notice or further information. (May be Henry Lawrence Theron, a casualty buried in Brixton DR 1732 on 27/03/1922).
Coenraad Klopper: the name came up in the Jeremy Krikler book “White Rising: The 1922 Insurrection and Racial Killing in South Africa” page 294. In Fordsburg, Coenrad Klopper, a 16 year old boy, who went to join his friends in a Fordsburg road on 10 March was cut down by police positioned in the headgear of the Robinson Mine. His mates fled when the shooting began ‘but came around the corner again to try and pick him up but… more shots were fired so we… had to leave him where he was’  No Death Notice found.
Sidney George Beal is mentioned on a family grave in Primrose but he is buried in Benoni.
Special Const. Botha A.P is mentioned on the SAP Memorial in Johannesburg Central Police Station but there does not appear to be a death notice for him, neither is there any other information on him.
V Smith Alias John (Johann) Delport Kromhout does have a dn but is listed as Smith, Kromhout and Komhout but why the alias?

The Rand Revolt Memorial at Johannesburg Central Police Station lists the following 35 names:

Capt Halse, Harry
Head Const John Milne
L/Sgt McInroy, George
L/Sgt Hooper, Frederick William
L/Sgt Joubert, Paulus Petrus
L/Sgt. Haefele, Gideon Frederick
Const. Swanepoel, Cornelius Jacob
Const. Fogarty, Jeremiah
Const. Howe, Frederick Henry Ludwig
Const. Van Heerden, Hendrik Willem
Const. Naude, Jacobus Albertus Cornelius
Const. Hannant, Benjamin
Const. Geldenhuis, Jury Johannes
Const. Smit, Peter Jacobus
Const, Jacob Rudolph Lotter
Const. Ackerman, Willem Hendrik
Const. Du Plooy, Cornelius Johannes Frederik
Const. Van Der Merwe, Jacobus Lodewicus
Const. Coetzee, Hendrik Jacobus
Const. Tee, George Richard
Const. Steyn, Daniel Ronquest
Const. Jordan, Addison Ridley
Const. Van Heerden, Daniel Joachim
Const. Vickers, Peter Francis Poplemberg
Const. Kruger, Nicholas Andries Cornelius
Const. Wehmeyer, Stephanus Gerhardus
Special Police: Lieut Vincent Frederic. Brodigan
Special Const. S.J. Combrink
Special Const. T.H. Jordaan
Special Const. Smith FH (Smit on grave)
Special Const. William James Corrigan
Special Const. Botha A.P (no further info)
Native Police: Nat Const. Puza Kanyile or Konyile
Nat Const. David Msindo
Nat Const. Johannes Rampoko

Plaque at Johannesburg Central Police Station, originally located at the Marshall Street Barracks in Johannesburg.

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