Jameson Raid Remnants

There are a number of remnants of the Jameson raid scattered around Krugersdorp, Randfotein, Doornkop and possibly Magaliesburg. Unfortunately many of these have been lost over the years, and those that I did find are not all that may be out there.  I left South Africa in 2012 and anything that I do have posted here would only be current up till 2012. I  am unable to say what the situation is as at 2020, although I do know that at least one Memorial may have been built over and the gravestone of one of the raiders was toppled. If you can help to update the images please drop me a line. Of course if you are able to shed light on any other remnants out there I would also like to hear from you. 

The collection comprises:

The Surrender Monument

The Stump Memorial

The Vlakfontein Memorial

REGM Military Cemetery

Burgershoop Cemetery graves and memorial

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