1913 Strike Casualty list

The 1913 Miners Strike in Johannesburg was not as violent as the 1922 Rand Revolt and consequently there were fewer casualties, although once again it is hard to know who was a striker, instigator or innocent bystander.  I will not go into the reasons behind the strike or try to make sense of it, it happened over 100 years ago and has pretty much been relegated to history. 

A very nice pamphlet was produced by the Central News Agency way back in 1913 and they provided it with a casualty list which is what I am reproducing here. Unfortunately the copy that I saw was not in a very good condition, but then it had been in the roof of a house for who knows how long. 

My interest is in burial places and the names listed in the casualty list. I was fortunate that most of the death notices were available to see and to confirm casualty information. This list is a combination of death notices, cemetery registers and that casualty list.

  1. Charles Slade Roberts. (05/07/1913, GSW lung,  death notice and register list him as Charles Slade Forbes, Municipal Clerk,  buried Brixton Cemetery EC 1053) .
  2. Joseph Vieira. (05/07/1913, GSW heart, Gold miner underground, buried Braamfontein Cemetery RC 21987).
  3. George Budricks. (05/07/1913,  Commercial Traveler, GSW pelvis; hemorrhage,   buried Braamfontein Cemetery RC 21983).
  4. Albert Thomas Maloney. (05/07/1913, Gold miner underground, fracture base of skull,  buried Brixton EC 1061)
  5. Johannes Lodewicus Labuschagne. (05/07/1913, Gold miner underground, GSW lung and liver, buried Brixton EC 1055). A plaque on the graves of JL Labuschagne reads: “Shot aged 21 on 4th July 1913 on Black Friday in the Worker’s Strike right outside the Rand Club when he called on the Royal Dragoons to “Stop shooting women and children, shoot a man!” and bared his chest. They did. 
  6. Harris Rosenberg. (05/07/1913, proprietor: Carlton Theatre, GSW chest, buried Braamfontein Jewish Cemetery.)
  7. Philip Coleman. (05/07/1913,  Gold miner underground, GSW chest, buried Braamfontein Cemetery EC 21982)
  8. Leonard Herzeberg. (05/07/1913, professional pianist, GSW chest, buried Braamfontein Jewish Cemetery.)
  9. John James Thompson. (05/07/1913, miner, casualty list has him as R.J. Thomson, buried Brixton Cemetery EC 1058)
  10. John Charles Benson. (05/07/1913, Gold miner underground, GSW head, buried Brixton EC 1062)
  11. Frederick (Freddie) Wood. (05/07/1913, engine cleaner: South African Railways, GSW abdomen and back. Buried Braamfontein Cemetery RC 8123)
  12. Sarel Johannes Van Der Merwe. (05/07/1913, photographer, GSW neck, buried Brixton Cemetery EC 1057).
  13. Johannes Antonio Zilwyker. (06/071913, Gold miner underground, GSW abdomen, hemorrhage, shock, buried Brixton Cemetery EC 1052
  14. Sidney Cook. (05/07/1913, brickmaker, GSW abdomen, ruptured liver.  Buried Brixton EC 1056).
  15. Henry Hackett. (06/07/1913, dentist’s apprentice, GSW abdomen, burial place unknown) 
  16. Victor Westergreen. (06/07/1913, Gold miner underground, septic infection following amputation of leg, buried Brxton Cemetery EC 1059).
  17. James Torpey. (05/07/1913, Gold miner underground, GSW of Femoral Artery, hemorrhage,  buried Brixton Cemetery EC 1054).
  18. Andrew Elliott Greathead. (08/07/1913, GSW head, trammer underground, GSW head, buried Brixton Cemetery EC 1063).
  19. Alexander George Hare. ( 08/07/1913, commercial traveler, GSW pelvis, buried Brixton Cemetery EC 1060).
  20. Unidentified African servant. Burnt to death at Park Station. (No death notice or burial information found).
  21. Unidentified African employee of Johannesburg Sanitary Department. (No death notice or burial information found).

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