Memorials & Monuments

Memorials and Monuments.

It was never my original intention to create this page, but as I photographed for the South Africa War Graves Project I suddenly discovered that I was taking lots of photographs in cemeteries and of memorials during my travels.  I have more or less completed my photography for the South African War Graves Project, and it has been a very satisfying project, but it can never end, as more memorials and graves still have to be found. My quest to photograph cemeteries became a sideline, and very interesting one too. I did discover that there is very little information about most of these memorials and cemeteries, many aren’t even on the map, but they are a part of our history whether we like it or not and as such worthwhile recording.

As usual this is an ongoing project and as usual some pics open in a new window. Special thanks must go to all my contributors, especially Terry Cawood, Ronnie Lovemore, Alta Griffiths, Peter Moss, Ken and Eleanor Garvie, Tony Wood, Mark Green, Kevin Brazier, Mrs Bee, and James Houston-McMillan.There are a number of subsections to this page, please feel free to visit them all.​​​ ​

Memorials in South Africa

Memorials Elsewhere 

Mendi Memorials 

The Rand Revolt

The Victoria Cross

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