Meet Samantha

Miss Emily would like to welcome Samantha to our home. 

Samantha, like Miss Emily,  was created by Monika Peter-Leicht and was released under the Ashton Drake Galleries although I am not sure whether it was only in Germany or included the UK. 1999 were made so it is possible that she dates from 1999 too. She was released with the name “Anna” and is 81 cm tall. She has jointed knees and shoulders although her elbows and wrists do not move. Unfortunately her inner elastics have stretched so she is very loose at the knees and does not stand easily; although is an expert at sitting. Size-wise 18-24 months clothing does fit her although in some styles she will take 12-18 size, Her head however does make it difficult to fit into small neck holes. She fits into a 5-6 shoe but she too has the high instep which makes some styles impossible for her to wear. I am still trying to work out her clothing sizes at this point. 

Against Miss Emily she is surprisingly small (or is Miss E surprisingly tall?). Here are the Smoogie sisters looking casual. I do approve of her Remembrance Poppy dress (acquired in Great Malvern). 

At some point I will probably start doing a story about her, I just do not have much energy at the moment.  She is a candidate for rewigging though, especially if I decided to tighten up her elastics. But, it is early days yet. 

Welcome Samantha Anna.

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