Meet Laura

The recent acquisition of Samantha was not something I expected. Masterpiece dolls are expensive and there are not all that many around to buy on the 2nd hand doll market. However, I was quite surprised when a Laura doll appeared on ebay and I watched the auction with interest to see what she would sell for. IMHO the prettiest face sculpts are Dakota, Laura, Emily and Amber faces and any available ones do pique my interest. To my amazement I was the only bidder and soon Laura was on her way to me.  She was created by Monika Peter-Leicht, and is 39″ (99 cm) tall with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. 

To my amazement she appeared to be almost in a mint condition, still wrapped and tethered inside her box (which is huge in itself). Because she had spent a lot of time in the box her hair had flattened but otherwise there was not much wrong with her. This particular Laura is 195/350 and is dated 2014.  I have since found out that she cannot stand very well and her left leg gives way quite easily, leading her to list quite heavily.  Her wig also became totally unmanageable as time passed and Miss Laura became somewhat of a fixer upper.  

How does she match up to Miss Emily? 

Only with the pair together can you see how big Miss Emily actually is. Sizewise she appears to take a size 9 shoe and 2 – 3 year old girl’s clothing, although at the moment the clothing available is not up to much (12-18 months works better for her) .  She is also much lighter than Miss Emily and may be easier to take outside for photographs although I have no plans for that yet. 

The three Smoogie sisters posed for a pic yesterday in their finest. Laura does have a stand and she does sit quite easily and her joints are a bit looser, but her hair is baffling and she does not stand easily on her own. 

Name? I am thinking of calling her Dana, but haven’t made a final decision on that as yet. And that’s the newest addition to the Smoogie sisters. She is very cute and I hope I can get her hair sorted out. At the moment she tends to hide behind her fringe, but with hair like that who could blame her?  Miss Laura has since had a new wig fitted and you can see the results in my Fixing Miss Laura page.

Miss Emily and Miss Laura hanging out together.

Update 02/02/2020.

It has taken a long search to finally get Miss Laura her own school uniform.

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