Meet Emily

Hello, my name is Emily (aka “Miss Pouty Face”, or “Miss Smuffy” or “Smoogies”) and I am a Masterpiece Doll.  I hope you will join me in some of my adventures. Please bear in mind that this page may contain nuts. 

My first impressions were that she is difficult to pose as she is large (11 kg and 47″ tall) and does have strange knees and elbows; so when you move her legs her head tends to move. She can stand on her own after much negotiation but has already taken a dive to the floor and I have still not heard the end of it. Unfortunately her stand broke on the day I got her. She was created by Monika Peter-Leicht in 2014 and there are 3 variations of the Emily face with different hair colour and eyes. 

Miss Emily does not have many adventures because realistically she is too big to move around and it does look kind of odd lugging what looks like a 6 year under your arm, although some stories were created. Use the buttons to access what we have so far.​

Emily meets Caitlyn

Emily’s Artistic Pics

A Day at the Park

An Impromptu Picnic

Miss Emily Can’t Sleep!

Phew, it is windy!

Return to the park

Conversations with Emily

Back to front sailor dress

Let’s play Poohsticks

The trolley in the Brook

Leaf it to Miss Emily

Meet Samantha

Meet Laura

Packing to travel

Fixing Laura

Non Artistic Pics


Miss Emily is very cute with her pouty face and I hope to take a few more pics when her wardrobe is a bit better stocked and I have a few ideas.  Clothingwise she does fit into a 4-5 years old clothing and her shoe size is 10-11 (11 is too long, 10 is too narrow). 

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