Loosing a friend

This morning I woke up to what I assumed would be just another day.  When I checked one of the forums that I haunt, I found that one of the members had been tragically killed in a car accident on the 28th. She was a young woman; intelligent, friendly, non judgmental, funny and one of the nicest people I ever met in a forum composed of self opinionated pompous asses. She was training to be a school teacher and was in her final year, she was somebody that would have made an excellent teacher because of her ability to charm and befriend everybody she came into contact with. Yet, she was taken from us all.
I am used to rooting around in cemeteries, but seldom attend funerals or encounter the graves of  those who I know up close and personal. I do not know if her resting place will ever come my way, but when or if it does I know that I will feel very sad to stand there and say my farewells to her.  I know that she would laugh at all the fuss that has been going on about her, she was not the sort who would seek out attention, but her personality was as such that she always was the unwilling center of attention. She was a gentle soul who has left a void in our lives, and in that of her family; both in real life, and in the virtual world. 
Jessica, wherever you are, thank you for the laughs and smiles and conversations. Thank you for touching my life so briefly, I will never forget you. You were taken from us way too long before your time.

 Rest in Peace CM. 
4/4/1990 – 28/2/2012
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