Looking Back on 2021

Looking back on 2021 reminds me of how awful the year was, and of course how much Covid has come to dominate our lives. At the time of writing, 5 of the people that I know have had it, of which one is still in ICU and the other has not returned to work since February 2021. I had my vaccines in July and August and my booster in December, but anything can still happen and the pandemic may never come to an end. It has made travel incredibly difficult, especially international travel and I have no immediate plans to return to South Africa. 

As at 30/12/2021 the covid numbers look like this:

This was also the year when I renewed my visa and now have indefinite leave to remain. Alas the spectre of South African tax laws and the seemingly inability of some banks to understand the concept of closing an account has reared it’s ugly head. I will have to deal with that crap very soon.

We lost so many this past year and as usual some will be missed and others wont be remembered. Archbishop Desmond Tutu passed away on the 26th, and he was preceded by former president FW De Klerk not too long ago.  We also lost Graeme Edge, John Miles, Wilbur Smith, Prince Philip, Robin Boltman, Anne Rice, Dean Stockwell, Tanya Roberts, Leon Spinks, Michael Collins, Ed Asner, Clive Sinclair, Capt. Sir Tom Moore and many others who may or may not have influenced our lives in many ways. A listing of Notable Deaths is available on Wikipedia

Locally we saw the return of the Classic Car Festival in August and the Mop Fair in October, and of course we commemorated Remembrance Day in November

I did not go very far this year, I made two trips to Birmingham for the Life in the Uk test as well as the English Language test  and I went through to Cheltenham and Gloucester for medical reasons. Speaking of which, I was stricken by 2 bladder infections almost a year to the day since the previous disaster in 2020.  Unfortunately another infection last month reared its ugly head and I have been on medication for the past 2 months. I have no real answer as to what is wrong with the plumbing, but you can bet that I have not heard the last word on it. Like it or not I am chained to the toilet.

I also shut down half of my allatsea project and moved some material to this blog. Statistics wise this blog has  1086 posts and 75 pages with roughly 15000 images. 

And that was more or less my year. I do know I have watched lots of good and bad anime, read heaps of books, eaten way too much and slept way too little.  Hopefully next year will be an improvement on 2021, although looking at the sabre rattling going on in the world we may even have a catastrophic war breaking out in Ukraine or Taiwan and a number of other places. Don’t politicians ever learn?

And that was my year in a nutshell. I am sending it back as faulty although I no longer have the original packaging. Hopefully next year will be an improvement, although somehow I don’t see that happening. 

DRW 2021-2022. Created 31/12/2021

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