Look up, it’s a classic

This fine morning, while waffling away, I heard a sound that triggered my memory. The sound of prop driven engines, not quite at Dakota level, but different enough to make me grab my camera and run outside. I do this on a regular basis, and some of my other pics are to be found at a blog post I made last year. In fact, looking at the date of that blog post (18 May 2013), this happened just over a year later. 

There she was, a 4 engine relic from the past, and from what I could see she was sporting SAA colours too. 

The aircraft is a DC4 Skymaster, ZS-AUB “Outeniqua”, and she is one of the few airworthy Skymasters in the world. It is amazing to see and hear oldies like this, they are becoming increasingly more rare as time passes, and this beaut graced my camera by making two circuits around the West Rand. She was delivered to SAA on 10 May 1946.

I don’t know if this is a regular occurrence, but for me it is definitely a rare bird. The last time I saw a Skymaster in flight was in 1981 while I was in the border.

And then she was gone, an aircraft from the days when airlines still cared for their passengers.

Wow! what a score, so very different from the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 I will fly on when I leave South Africa on Thursday.

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