John Francis David Shaul VC

The grave of John Francis David Shaul. VC. may be found in Boksburg Cemetery. Google Earth co-ordinates for the cemetery are: 26° 13.227’S  28° 16.531’E.

Born on 11th September 1873 at King’s Lynn, Norfolk and died on the 16th September, 1953 at Boksburg, South Africa. The VC was gazetted on the 28th September, 1900. The Citation, recorded in the London Gazette of Issue: 27233, Page: 5966, reads:

“Highland Light Infantry, Corporal J. Shaul.

On the 11th December, 1899, during the Battle of Magersfontein, Corporal Shaul was observed (not only by the Officers of his own Battalion but by several Officers of other regiments) to perform several specific acts of bravery. Corporal Shaul was in charge of stretcherbearers; but at one period of the battle he was seen encouraging men to advance across the open.

He was most conspicuous during the day in dressing men’s wounds, and in one case he came, under a heavy’ fire, to a man who was lying wounded in the back, and, with the utmost; coolness and deliberation, sat down beside the wounded man and proceeded to dress his wound. Having done this, he got up and went quietly to another part of the field. This act of gallantry was performed under a continuous and heavy fire as coolly and quietly as if there had been no enemy near.”

John Francis David Shaul. VC.

Boksburg Cemetery

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