The Jameson Raid Surrender Monument: Doornkop

There are a number of monuments/memorials associated with the ill fated Jameson Raid of 1896, and I have decided to split them as opposed to keeping them all together like they were before. My knowledge of these events is small, and it was only in April 2009 that I decided to do something about it. I had seen graves from this incident in 2 cemeteries before, but had never followed up on the memorials.  Contact with Leon Engelbrecht tickled my interest and I went hunting….

[ Surrender Monument ] [ Stump Monument ] [ Vlakfontein Memorial ]

Viewed from across Adcock Street

My first find was the so called “Surrender Memorial”. (Google Earth Co-ordinates  26°12’24.00″S, 27°48’22.52″E) This memorial, along with an additional two were not marked on my map book in the first place. The one that was marked is the most difficult of all to find.  Major roadworks were also happening in that area which made things a bit more complicated. However, In Adcock Street look for  “The Brickworks”, and 3 memorials can be found in its immediate area.

The Surrender Memorial

Remarkably, this memorial was in a good condition on both my visits in 2009 and 2012, although the roadworks were still ongoing.

It is apparent that this was not all, there seem to be graves in the Soweto area and ruins in Krugersdorp Nature Reserve. There is also an area further down along Adcock Street of importance and there may be more Jameson Raid related remnants to be found at Vlakfontein farm cemetery, Violet Mine Cemetery as well as in Magaliesburg area. I have however been unable to find any of these sites listed on the Vlakfontein Memorial. There used to be a heritage assessment dated 2006 from SAHRA that had more information about the raid, these areas and their history but that has been removed or moved.

From there I went in search of what is known as the “Vlakfontein Monument

DRW © 2009 – 2021. Created 20/04/2011. Edited and some images expanded 02/02/2012.  Special thanks to Leon Engelbrecht for the inspiration to find these memorials and photographs of the “stump”, as well as Alpheus Cele for remembering where the graves in Randfontein were. Moved to blog 07/02/2014, moved to Musings 08/01/2021

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