Jameson Raid Memorial and Graves, Krugersdorp

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There are a number of Jameson Raid remnants to be found in Burgershoop Cemetery in Krugersdorp. The dominant one is the memorial erected in 1917, where 5 Burghers are remembered. There are also the graves of 3 Jameson raiders with headstones, and evidence suggests that at least 2 others are buried in the cemetery.

The memorial was almost illegible when I first saw it in 2008, but I was able to recreate the inscription as below.

Recreated inscription

SPF Van Tonder

G Jacobs

AH Potgieter

PE Venter


D MacDonald

Within sight of the memorial are three graves from the ill fated Jameson party, unfortunately, when I visited the cemetery in 2012, the headstone of Capt. Barry had been toppled.

Tpr D Frazer

Capt Barry

Tpr ES Wiid

To the best of my knowledge there are still two Jameson raiders graves inside this cemetery, although I have not been able to find them. Unfortunately the Jameson Raid has been long forgotten, as is the fact that this is one of the triggers of the Boer War that was to have so many far reaching consequences for South Africa. I recall blogging about the incident in February 2012, and thinking at the time that the shots that were fired so long ago are still reverberating around South Africa over 100 years later.

Memorial image from 2012

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