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Inside Sanrasm South Site

I was lucky to be able to get inside Sanrasm when one of my friends managed to get himself a job cleaning up the place. That entailed cutting grass, trimming trees and vegetation, clearing up years of accumulated rubbish. It also meant navigating egos and placating the resident empire builder. Through him I was able to access the rolling stock and other heritage items inside both sides of the track, and what I saw was shocking, but also fascinating.

Historically there were many important locos and coaches, and some were the only representatives of their class. Most had been vandalised beyond repair, and some were rotten when they got there, but a lot had happened during the tenure of the that one person. A lot of the rot was easy to sort out, it just required a bit of work. Work that was seemingly beyond them. But, enough said, lets get on with the show. These page are very graphic intensive so may take awhile to load. Datewise my files date from 01/05/2009 through to 02/08/2009 when he gave up. 

Class 16DA No.844

Berliner side-tank 8786

Class 14R ‘Joyce

Slam door sub

Slam door sub

Slam door sub

GDA Garratt No.2259

L-14 Driving trailer

GM Garratt No.2301

Class 1 No.1253

Class 1 No.1252

Aveling & Porter steam roller

Former JHB Tram

Class 12A Industrial

Class 6A-473

Kitchen Car 282

Class 6A-473

GMAM Garratt No.4089


Slam door sub

2nd Class coach 2123

4-10-2 NBL.23722

NGG 13 Garratt No.58.

Class 14R-1909

4-8-2 NBL.25916 “Jenny”

Wardale 19D – 2644

Engineers Caboose

GMAM Garratt No.4089

Class 14R No.1705

NBL side-tank

Class 15F No.3051

Class 15F No.3051

Drivers seat

2nd Class Coach 2123

Kitson Tank No.2269 “Kitty”

Hunslet Tank No.790

161 Phantom Pass

Shashi 229

Shashi 229

Shashi 229

Slam door sub interior

Class 6A No.454

Class 6A No.454

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