RMS Titanic Memorials

Southampton has a lot of Titanic History in its ancient streets, and you can find it if you know where to look. I hunted down most of what I knew about, and I also walked the Southampton Old Cemetery flat looking for the Titanic related graves in the cemetery. Reading about so much of this stuff when I was a kid did leave me with expectations that have now been satisfied, and when I left the city I could safely say that I had experienced the heritage that the ship and her people had left behind.

Titanic Memorial Fountain, Holy Rood Church. 

Millvina Dean Memorial Garden, Southampton near SeaCity

Titanic Memorial Table. St Joseph’s Church, Southampton

Postal Workers Plaque, Southampton City Hall.

Titanic Engineers Memorial, East Park, Southampton

Titanic Musicians Memorial. Near East Park, Southampton

Titanic Memorial, Dock Gate 4, Southampton Docks. 

Titanic Musicians Plaque, St Mary’s Church, Southampton

Charles Melville Hays Memorial, London Centre for Spirituality

Titanic Memorial, Liverpool Pierhead. 

Captain EJ Smith Statue. (Lichfield)

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