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This page has really come about as my 1/1200 and 1/1250 scale waterline ship collection grows. As with most things it was not my intention to have a navy and merchant marine hanging around my flat. But, it’s too late now, they have taken over.

The majority of my ships are Triang Minic in 1/1200  that I got off ebay and elsewhere but I do have a lot of others that I bought from Convoy Models. I have also been buying of the 1/1250 battleships released by Atlas Editions, and have an eye on the passenger ships that they are releasing too. (My complete list) 

My latest additions:

I have acquired yet another K-Class Submarine (K5) and she may be seen in the foreground of this image, she is the one with the “swan bow” and was made by Oceanic. I still have to paint her. 

Just to complicate my life I now have another Oceanic version of the RMS St Helena, this one came without davits just to complicate my life. Here she is seen with my partly completed version. The casting of this one is equally poor although the port side is in a much better condition than the other one I bought. If only there was a way to get a better casting of this model (with davits and lifeboats installed). I now know that there are two different versions of this casting; my first RMS was a solid hull, the second is a hollow.  I know all the pitfalls in this model now so can hopefully build a better one than my first attempt.

Progress so far. (25/02/2018)

I picked up a RMS Titanic on the cheap from the Atlas Editions ships, its not a great model and the masts are rubbish, but it makes an interesting addition to the collection. I don’t think I will cut it down into a waterline version, although it would work with my floating dock.

RMS Titanic. Atlas Editions

HM Submarine K-26 (back), HM Submarine E-9 (left),   UB 142 (right)

Castle Class Armed Trawler

HMS Bangor

Flower Class Corvette HMS Tulip (front)

HMS Renown (Atlas Editions)

Quite by accident I managed to lay my hands on an Oceanic built RMS St Helena. It is probably made of lead and is really a very poor rough casting. It came with 3 lifeboats, a funnel and the double crane assembly. Unfortunately the casting is poor and looking at it realistically it will be very difficult to complete. It will however make a very good basis for a new scratchbuild  iteration of the RMS, The other alternative is to created the superstructure walls out of plastic card and glue them onto the very roughly cast vessel, I have not made a decision yet though, I still need to experiment a bit more.

I have been working on her for quite some time and she is looking much better than she does here. My scratchbuild RMS is in the background. I still have some work to do on her though and have another one on its way. I learnt a lot with this casting, and hope to avoid the mistakes in my third one. 

Out of curiousity, I also scratch built the old RMS, and she looks like this (warts and all) I saw her when she was in Durban as Avalon and she is still one ship that I have a great affection for. I am not quite happy with aspects of this model but am unlikely to build another due to eyesight issues. 

The German submarine tender: Saar. The model was made by Mercator and is incredibly detailed. She will make the perfect mothership for my corvettes. 

A cluster of Flower Class Corvettes. Before I laid my hands on proper corvette models I had a small lead model of one that was theoretically a corvette but didn’t really make the grade compared to the proper ones I have.  These are very detailed models and one of these days I am going to have to send another convoy to sea. The right hand ship is HMS Begonia, and she is a short fo’c’stle corvette while the left hand ship is HMCS Snowberry.

My new cluster of corvettes I picked up off ebay and they have all been repainted by their previous owner. My original ship is the one behind the Arctic camouflaged vessel. The Arctic scheme I painted and it was really to reflect the colour scheme of HMCS Sackville.   

MV Rochester Castle, a 1937 built “fruit ship” operated by the Union-Castle Line, she took part in Operation Pedestal during WW2, and was broken up in 1970. There were 4 sisters in this class: Rochester Castle, Roxburgh Castle, Richmond Castle and Rowallan Castle. Rochester was the only survivor of World War 2. I have since progressed a bit further with the model. 

Stirling Castle as a trooper, seen here with her sister Athlone Castle in peacetime garb.

USS Spruance (DD963), the lead ship of the  Spruance class destroyers.

USS Bunker Hill (CG52), a Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser

HMS Gloucester (D96), a type 42 batch 3 destroyer

USS Guardian (MCM5) An Avenger Class mine countermeasures ship

HMS Bangor (M109), a Sandown Class minehunter. I also have her sister HMS Penzance (M105)

 and finally a Hunt class mine countermeasures vessel. She has no pennant number, although I do have her sister HMS Brocklesbury  (M33)

HMS Achilles (F12) by Mountford in 1/1250 scale. Quite a detailed model of a Leander Class Frigate wielding guns. 

Ton Class Minesweeper. Actually I now have two of them,  the ship on the left (HMS *.ton) I got from The Triang version (HMS Repton) is on the right. 

A particularly rare beastie came my way this month: SS France. I repainted her and added in masts and this is the end result. She was produced by Triang Minic on 1/1200 scale. Unfortunately she never joined the other major liners that were re-introduced in later years from Hong Kong.  

HMS Tiger (Mountford kit in 1/1250)

Built but not yet painted.

TSS Vikingen (Triang MInic)

Since repainted and with masts and cargo gear, although I am not too enamoured by those overly heavy masts. I may rethink those.

And SS Varicella

Since repainted.  She was produced by Triang Minic

I have also been working on a 1/1250ish RMS St Helena and have just more or less completed her. The model is not great, but it was a learning curve. There are two pages associated with the model, start at page 1 and work yourself to the end.

  1. Post Mortem: The RMS Model 26/06/2017
  2. Building the RMS

TBC as they say in the classics. 

The pages that exist so far are:

I get my display cases off ebay.

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