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Mini Ships

This page has really come about as my 1/1200 and 1/1250 scale waterline ship collection grows. As with most things it was not my intention to have a navy and merchant marine hanging around my flat. But, it’s too late now, they have taken over.

The majority of my ships are Triang Minic in 1/1200  that I got off ebay and elsewhere but I do have a lot of others that I bought from Convoy Models. I have also been buying of the 1/1250 battleships released by Atlas Editions, and have an eye on the passenger ships that they are releasing too. 

My latest additions are: TSS Vikingen 

And SS Varicella

I also was also able to lay my hands on both Flower Class Corvettes in 1/1250. They are very detailed models and one of these days I am going to have to send another convoy to sea.

The right hand ship is HMS Begonia, and she is a short fo’c’stle corvette while the left hand ship is HMCS Snowberry.

I have also been working on a 1/1250ish RMS St Helena and have just more or less completed her. The model is not great, but it was a learning curve. There are three pages associated with the model, start at page 1 and work yourself to the end.

  1. Post Mortem: The RMS Model 26/06/2017
  2. Still building the RMS
  3. Building the RMS

TBC as they say in the classics. 

The pages that exist so far are:

I get my display cases off ebay.

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