Heroes with Grimy Faces

One of the more obscure memorials in London is the “Heroes with Grimy Faces” Memorial. It is one of those memorials that should be more noticeable, but it is more like those who are commemorated on it.

Like firefighters all over, these men and women were volunteers, and without them the bombing of London during the Blitz would have had even more severe consequences. Who can forget that iconic image of St Paul’s Cathedral taken during the blitz? The image, taken by The Daily Mail’s chief photographer Herbert Mason, became one of the symbols of the Blitz. 

The Memorial was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother on 4 May 1991. It is in sight of the Cathedral that was saved thanks to those who risked their lives to fight the fires and rescue the injured. The Roll of Honour on it is a long, and a testament to the hazards that the London Fire Brigade, Auxiliary and National Fire Services, Local Fire Brigades and Works Fire Brigades’ faced.

Unfortunately I was never able to get a decent image of the memorial, but it is on my list, and I hope to rectify that as soon as possible.

In addition to this Memorial there is a plaque in Southwark Cathedral too.

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