Herbert Stephen Henderson VC.

Herbert Stephen Henderson (30/03/1870 – 10/08/1942) was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during the Matabeleland Rebellion on 30/03/1896.

The Citation, recorded in the London Gazette of Issue: 26850, Page: 2535 reads:

“On the morning of the 30th March, 1896, just before daylight, Captain. Macfarlane’s party was surprised by the natives. Troopers Celliers and Henderson, who formed part of the advanced guard, were cut off from the main body, and Celliers was shot through the knee. His horse also was badly wounded and eventually died. Henderson then placed Celliers on his own horse, and made the best of his way to Buluwayo. The country between Campbell’s Store, where they were cut off, and Buluwayo, a distance of about thirty-five miles, was full of natives fully armed, and they had, therefore, to proceed principally by night, hiding in the bush in the daytime. Celliers, who was weak from loss of blood, and in great agony, asked Henderson to leave him, but he would not, and brought him in, after passing two days and one night in the veldt without food.”

  He is buried in Bulawayo Town Cemetery, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

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