Heading south

At this moment in time (07.20 on the 19th of May), I am about ready to start packing for my journey to South Africa. I have a number of things to settle there, and this trip is about that. Unfortunately my house move did eat into my available funds which meant I had to book an indirect flight as opposed to a through flight.

london 056

The difference here is that usually the departure point would have been South Africa, now it is the UK, which does tend to hammer in the reality that I no longer live in SA. The place where I will arrive at the end of the trip will be Salisbury and not Johannesburg.

I will probably take pics, although realistically I have more than enough pics of Johannesburg, and naturally I will be going grave hunting while I am there. I will also be seeing what is left of my family (which is really quite small), and I am hoping to bring my customised Twinn doll back with me. But, these things can change at any moment.  It is also the first time I will be flying from Gatwick, and the arrangements to get there are quite formidable on their own.

South Africa is heading into Winter now, just as we are in Spring in the UK, and hopefully I won’t need my “bear jacket”. So, silence on my part means that “I’m not dead, I feel fine, getting better. Think I’ll go for a walk.”

Or in this case, I think I will climb on a plane….. (or 3)

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