Gustavus Hamilton Blenkinsopp Coulson VC. DSO.

Gustavus Hamilton Blenkinsopp Coulson (01/04/1879 – 18/05/1901) was awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions during the Anglo Boer War on 18 May 1901 at Lambrechtfontein, South Africa.

The Citation, recorded in the London Gazette: of Issue: 27462, Page: 5085 reads:

“Lieutenant and Adjutant G. H. B. Coulson, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 7th Mounted Infantry.

This Officer during a rear-guard action, near Lambrecht Fontein, on the 18th of May, 1901, seeing Corporal Cranmer, 7th Mounted Infantry, dismounted, his horse having been shot, remained behind and took him up on his own horse. He rode a short distance, when the horse was shot, and both Lieutenant Coulson and the Corporal were brought to the ground. Lieutenant Coulson told Corporal Cranmer to get along with the wounded horse as best he could, and he would look after himself. Corporal Cranmer got on the horse and rode away to the column. No. 4792 Corporal Shaw (Lincolns), 7th Mounted Infantry, seeing Lieutenant Coulson’s position of danger, rode back through the rear-guard, and took him up on his horse. A few minutes later Corporal Shaw was shot through the body, and there is reason to believe that Lieutenant Coulson was wounded also, as he fell off his horse. Corporal Shaw fell off a few minutes later.

This Officer on many occasions throughout the Campaign displayed great coolness and gallantry under fire.”

He is buried at Lambrechtfontein Cemetery, South Africa. (Lambrechtfontein is near Bothavilla.)

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