Fixing Miss Laura

As regular readers may know, I acquired a Masterpiece Laura way back in November 2019. At the time  I was quite chuffed that she was seemingly in a very good condition, but time has shown her to be suffering from a number of ailments. Her wig, which was very flat when I got her, became increasingly more tangled and unmanageable as time passed and her seemingly tight joints proved to be very problematic, especially her hip/knee joints (almost like mine, but not as painful). In January 2021 I took Miss Laura in hand and had a good look at what ails her. 

The black disk covers the hole in the top of her head.

The wig problem I couldn’t do much about, trying to tackle those mass of curls was beyond my skill level and I started looking around for a replacement wig for her. No easy task given that she falls between the cracks when it comes to wig sizes. Any idea how difficult it is to find a wig for a large doll? Eventually I found a Monique wig that would do the trick and bought it and removed her old wig.

I then tackled the leg joints, removing her left leg and investigated the elastic inside. It did not appear to be slack, but I decided to replace it anyway. I bought cord and watched the video on how to restring her leg and once I had the leg separated discovered a wee snag. The video showed that just below the knee was a hole with a slot though it that enables the removal of a disk and ball that  were the lower part of the strung joint. Miss Laura however did not have the slot and I was unable to removed the disk to replace the cord. The alternative was to cut a slot into the joint but I was not ready to try that so tightened the cord as much as possible (without pulling her foot through her hips) and set the leg back into her body. The problem is that when she stands with her feet together her left knee pulls inwards and she starts to list to port.  The only way to stop it from happening is to let her stand with her feet apart (like a boy), and hope that she doesn’t capsize as you stand back to take a pic.

Miss Laura now looks like this:

I like her new hair, it gives her a whole new look and does not take away her cuteness either. With her original wig she looked awesome, but that wig is a mess.  

So that is the all new Miss Laura (maybe time for a new name?). I know there are those who argue that I have cut her value and ruined her, but realistically finding a buyer for her would be difficult as the collectible doll market is really small. And of course she is a major shipping headache too, although Miss Emily takes the cake with that huge box of hers.  

The problem is that I now need to expand her wardrobe because she does not have a lot of clothing, but until such time as “normality” returns that isn’t going to happen. Sadly the one shop where I could have gotten clothing for her has become a casualty of covid and has shut down. Options are limited I am afraid, (as is space).

The Flowergirl outfit

DRW © 2021. Created 07/02/2021


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