The Ferreira Deep Memorial in Selby

This was one of the first memorials that I photographed all those years ago, and oddly enough I never managed to get revised images of it even though I used to go past it regularly on a Sunday. The memorial is situated on a small island on the corner of Booysens Road and Trump Streets, Johannesburg.

Unfortunately the flow of traffic around that area is complicated so it is not all that easy to get to it by car. Google Earth co-ordinates are: 26° 12.807’S, 28° 2.221’E

The inscription on this memorial reads:

Dulce Et Decorum Est
Pro Patria Mori
In memory of the employees
of the Ferreira Deep Ltd,
who made the supreme
sacrifice in the Great War

Ferreira Deep is immediately west of the start of the M1, and just west of the old financial district of Johannesburg and the Standard Bank head office in Johannesburg is built over workings from Ferreira Deep. It appears as if excavation of the Ferreira Deep vertical shafts commenced in March 1897 and the mine was liquidated in 1929, but it left behind a large mine dump that became the Top Star Drive-in.

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