February Observations

I have been very busy migrating parts of my allatsea blog to Musings these past few weeks. It is a big job as each post has to be recreated by hand and each image recopied into its new location. I must be a sucker for punishment though as I have gone through this process at least 4 times before. The sad part is that a lot of the material has been deleted and will not be migrated across and will be literally “lost forever”.  I prefer Musings though, it is much more versatile and “alive” whereas allatsea was relatively stagnant between posts.  At this point I decided to look at the numbers and there are now 279 posts and 75 pages queued for deletion. There were originally over 400 pages of images (about 8500 images) of which only 649 images remain (32 pages). 

On the covid front we are now coming up to March and there is talk of a lessening of lockdown. The UK has been going all out with vaccinating the population and the numbers look like this:

At work we have had 3 occurences of covid that I am aware of and we are still hoping that we wont have a mass outbreak. Worldwide the numbers look like this:

This morning while out shopping I discovered yet another empty shop that had once housed a book store. The impact of lockdowns on our small town has had a massive negative effect and I fear that recovery is going to take a very long time.  The department where I work is closing at the end of the week and we will be moved to another department although nobody is able to tell us how that is going to affect us. To be honest I do not know whether I will have a job by mid year or not. 

The other newsworthy item is that I now have a hearing aid. It is difficult to know how much it helps because of the high ambient noise levels in our factory and a lack of conversation in our department. I have noticed a few odd things though: it does echo and the sound is kind of tinny. Because I am good at subtitles I do not really notice conversations in movies or anime, and I am trying to see whether the aid does help or not. The hardest part is making sure that I don’t loose it, or drop it and run it over with my chair. The jury is still out I am afraid.  

DRW 2021. Created 27/02/2021

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