Falklands War Memorials, Southampton and Portsmouth

There are two Falkland War Memorials to be found in Southampton (that I know about), although you really need to know where to look. The first may be found inside The Holy Rood Church in Southampton.

The second may be found at Mayflower Park, between the basketball court and the fence by the close to City Terminal. The memorial was erected by the Southampton Junior Chamber, simultaneously with the Junior Chambers of Coventry, Liverpool, Plymouth, Portsmouth and Sheffield on 11 November 1982.  A Falklands Memorial may also be found within the grounds of the Tower Hill Memorial in London.

Falklands Memorial in Portsmouth.

The Falklands War Memorial in Portsmouth may be found in Broad Street, near to the Square Tower in the seafront. Many Royal Navy ships sailed from this port for the Falklands, some did not return. The plaque to the right of the memorial is not related to the Falklands Conflict

A number of ships were sunk in the conflict on both sides, but we remember  The sinking of the Belgrano, HMS Sheffield, HMS Ardent, HMS Antelope, HMS Coventry, RFA Sir Galahad, and the SS Atlantic Conveyor. 

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