Fairlands Cemetery

I only spotted this cemetery by accident one day on my way home from work. Situated on the corner of Still and Johannes Street in Fairlands it was opened in 1914 but is closed for new burials, however selected graves can be opened or re-opened on request. I eventually managed to stop to get some pics but it was locked and remained out of my reach until one Friday afternoon when I was on my way home and discovered that the gate was open! 


It was a reasonably well tended cemetery and had not suffered from as much vandalism as many similar ones had, but that was probably because of the locked gate that had kept me out for so long. 

The cemetery man be found on Google Earth at 26° 7’17.13″S, 27°57’16.75″E

At the time I did not photograph all of the graves because realistically I did not have a reason to. Besides, a more interesting conundrum was waiting for me not too far away. On the bend in that road that I travelled down there was a seemingly empty plot of land with a broken gate and with what looked like loose stones on it. Upon investigation I discovered that this was the African plot that was associated with the small cemetery barely 100 metres way. I found that a register does exist for the Fairlands Cemetery, and it should hold the names of the people buried here too. There are not a lot of marked stones there, but am I sure that many people are buried in what looks like a bare stretch of fenced in veldt

Fairlands African Cemetery. (1512x434)

Fairlands African Cemetery. (1512×434)

The Fairlands African Cemetery may be found on Google Earth at 26° 7’15.14″S 27°57’12.55″E

It was an interesting cemetery to find because it also forms part of the history of this area, along with the cemetery in Ferndale and Fontainebleau. Unfortunately though, we may never know the stories of the people who now lay in these two easily unnoticed places.  Both of these cemeteries have been recorded

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