Durban Cenotaph

These photos of the Cenotaph in Durban were kindly provided by Ken and Eleanor Garvie and are used with their permission.

There are just too many individual plaques to show on this page; these are all laid out on the ground or on the walls surrounding the garden.

The Delville Wood Cross is on the side of the garden but it is all enclosed.

Delville Wood Cross

On the 9th day of December 1923 A.D
HRH Prince Arthur of Connaught
Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief
Proudly and reverently placed this stone
in Honour of
The Sons of Durban who fell in the Great War

World War 2 Roll of Honour Dedication

The Cenotaph is also home to the Indian Servicemen Memorial that was unveiled on 20 November 1983. The Cenotaph may be found at Google Earth co-ordinates  29°51’31.34″S,  31° 1’30.60″E.

*Update 09/11/2017*

In the weeks running up to Remembrance Day 2017, scrap metal thieves targeted the  cenotaph and 10 panels were prised off their mounts. A media outcry ensured and very quick police work resulted in the arrest of  a suspect near the cenotaph with tools, including a crowbar. Shortly afterwards a scrap collector in the Point area was raided and police found strips of copper that had been taken from the plaques. They arrested several suspects, and recovered what was left of the plaques which were too damaged to re-attach in time for Remembrance Day. 

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