It has been awhile since I muttered about Covid and pandemics and frankly I find it depressing just thinking about it. However, an interesting milestone was reached this past week that is worth looking at. Worldometers provided the following info today: The USA still leads the field with 7 327 197 cases and 209 521 deaths with the UK at position 14 with 439 013 cases and 42 001 deaths. South Africa has surprisingly dropped down to number 10 with 670 766 cases and 16 398 deaths. That drop has been caused by the rise in cases in India, Brazil and Russia; all of which are BRICS countries  (an association of five major emerging national economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).  The worldwide totals are as follows: 33 386 002 cases of which 24 688 670 have recovered and 1 003 406 have died.  It has taken almost 8 months to reach over a million fatalities and we ain’t done yet! 

I wish I could report that things are all hunky dorey in the UK when clearly they are not. The “Rule of Six” is now in force and a number of towns in England are in lockdown and so are large parts of Wales. There has been a steady rise in cases in the UK, and “experts” are saying that may be as a result of the schools re-opening.  Toilet rolls are disappearing fast and the panic buyers are doing their nut.

The situation with testing is a disaster though, people are being sent for tests hundreds of miles away from where they live while their local testing stations are seemingly empty. The all new “App” has also been released but I am waiting until they sort out a few bugs before I download it. 

South Africa has moved to level 1 and seems to be coping reasonably well considering how much of the covid relief funds were stolen or misappropriated.  However, anything can happen.  The statistics below are from the South African Covid Portal.

The good news is that the borders are being re-opened so people are finally being able to continue with their lives, although whether they remain open is another story. That’s the problem with this virus, just when you think it is safe to re-open the country you end up closing it again.  Even cruising is restarting with MSC ORCHESTRA and MSC OPERA starting to operate by November and December 2020.  This is not going to go away easily, this is something that is going to haunt our world for a long time, and maybe in a century the inhabitants (who would have lost the ability to speak to each other) will be messaging each other and posting about how a virus changed the planet way back in 2020. I wont be around to see it, but trust me on this…. 

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