Commonwealth Memorial Gates

I did not realise the significance of this memorial at the time because there were just so many others in the immediate area. But with hindsight this is really an important memorial.

Wellington Arch and the Memorials in the area

View from Wellington Arch

The Commonwealth Memorial Gates commemorate the armed forces of the British Empire from five regions of the Indian subcontinent, as well as Africa and the Caribbean, who served for Britain in the First and Second World Wars.

The view from Wellington Arch did not really give much indication that the gates were a memorial, and if it were not for the Memorial Pavilion and the Poppy Wreaths I probably would not have investigated much further. As it is I really gave this area perfunctory look over, with the intention of returning at some point. 

he Memorial Pavilion. Wellington Arch is to the back on the left

World War 1 Campaign Stone

The inside of the pavilion dome is inscribed with the names of  74 Victoria and George Cross  recipients. There are 23 VC recipients from World War I listed, 12 GC recipients from World War II, and 39 VC recipients from World War II.

Construction of the Memorial Gates began on 1 August 2001, and they were inaugurated on 6 November 2002 by Queen Elizabeth II.

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